Limba Engleza. Gramatica si Vocabular. teste-grila pentru admiterea in invatamantul superior. 28,00 Lei. detalii · CAE Advanced Gold Plus Exam. Disciplina: Limba engleză. Clasa: a Xa . Bibliografie: • Farnoaga, Georgiana Galateanu; Parks, Deborah: EXERCITII SI TESTE DE. GRAMATICA ENGLEZA. Gălăţeanu, Georgiana, Sinteze de gramatică engleză, EDP, Bucureşti, ;. 5. Horia, et al, Competenţă şi performanţă: Exerciţii şi teste de limba engleză.

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Substantivele care devin adjective sunt la singular. In summer flowers need watering every day. By the time the writer meet his readers, he write pages of his novel. Brown work on his report since he come in.

Exercitii si teste de gramatica engleza

I was so worried that I begged that his father …. We shall meet them at seven. Numai de nu s-ar opri motorul chiar la mijlocul pantei! They decided that the price should be reduced.

Nelson is used to working late. Learning to ski, Sam broke his leg. The sun rises in the East and sets in the Rngleza. Want to Read saving….


Gramatica Si Vocabular Lb Engleza | Claudiu Baiasu –

They close the shop by the time you get there. He was educated in Cambridge. I read a travel brochure when we met. I should not like him to have left alone.

Clive Waston decided not to accept the new job offer.

Exercitii de Gramatica Engleza de Georgiana Galateanu

I am sorry for hurting your feelings. If it had rained, I would be wet now. Had studied, took 5.

We have the first test on Monday morning. I wish you be there, too.

Measles mumps billiards dominoes Physics politics ethics acoustics Statistics mathematics news electronics Mathematics is an important subiect. Can he be playing when I told him to do his homework first?

166239031 Exercitii de Gramatica Engleza de Georgiana Galateanu

The weather probably, be fine tomorrow so we go on a trip to the seaside. The teacher will explain what to do tomorrow.

She get a job as an interpreter on condition she knew two languages well. The box would have been repaired. After that they wake the hotel guests who sleep in their rooms.


You are allowed to drive at seventeen in UK. John has found two jobs. They invite me to see the film when I phoned them. Michael missed the flight.

Nearly all … furniture had been taken out of … dining-room. Ice melts in the sun.

John works in Rome now but he is being moved up to Milan next week. Only the feste survive. When I was at school, I was made to wear a uniform. To see about a face aranjamente. While you were out shopping, John rang. If you would come with me, I show you the town. Jim and Sue are going to move to Liverpool when they finish their training.

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