ESUR GUIDELINE*: GADOLINIUM BASED. CONTRAST MEDIA AND NEPHROGENIC. SYSTEMIC Incidence of NSF: % in at-risk subjects. Contrast media · › Contrast media · › Prostate MRI · › NSF · › NSF Endometrial Cancer MRI Staging: Updated Guidelines of the European European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR) Guidelines: MR Imaging of Leiomyomas. the proposals from EMA regarding gadolinium based Contrast Media Strong warnings are included in the GdCAs of medium and low NSF risk as during a scan and with a minimum 7 day interval between administrations. ESUR; esursecretary(at); About ESUR · ESUR Guidelines.

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Check for intolerance to any of the components of the contrast agent Use the lowest level of acoustic output and shortest scanning time to allow a diagnostic examination. Before intra-arterial iodine-based contrast medium: We hope that you like the new booklet, that it is helpful in your practice and that it will benefit all our patients.

Use a different iodine-based guidellines for previous reactors to contrast medium. Use iodine-based water-soluble contrast media and be prepared to treat a reaction. Guidelines to diminish the risk of lactic acidosis in non-insulin dependent diabetics after administration of contrast media.

GU Imaging

Gadolinium-based contrast medium Correlation of time of the contrast medium injection with the hemodialysis session is recommended. Type of reaction Iodine-based contrast media. Late adverse reactions to intravascular iodinated contrast media. First line emergency drugs and instruments which should be in the examination room. Prevention of generalized reactions to contrast media: Use of a power injector. Nausea, mild vomiting Mesia Itching.


Start volume expansion as early as possible before contrast medium administration see elective examination. It provides the rationale for the guidelines in this booklet. Usage of cookies Agreed. Risk factors for skin cnotrast Supportive treatment including observation. In all patients, avoid osmotic and fluid overload. Previous allergic reactions to barium products. A variety of late symptoms e.

Appropriate H1-antihistamine intramuscularly or intravenously should be considered. The risk of reaction is not related to the osmolality of the contrast agent: No additional precautions are necessary for the fetus or neonate.

Extra hemodialysis conteast to remove contrast medium as soon as possible after it has been administered is recommended. Large volume mwdia contrast medium. Intermediate and low risk of NSF, 1. Safety of MR liver specific contrast media. Safety of ultrasound contrast agents. In selected high-risk patients, prophylactic treatment may be given by an endocrinologist; this is more relevant guidepines areas of dietary iodine deficiency.

The patient has never been exposed to more than one agent. Less optimal injection sites including lower limb and small distal veins.

ESUR Update –

The same reactions are seen after iodine- and gadolinium-based contrast agents and after ultrasound contrast agents. The patient should fsur with the doctor whether the breast milk should be discarded in guidelinds 24 hours after contrast medium. Dialysis and contrast media. Most skin reactions are mild to moderate and self-limiting.


To reduce the risk of repeat reaction, use another contrast agent than the agent precipitating the first reaction. Consider the use of premedication. Discussion An audience member asked whether a multiple myeloma patients really did not need any special care. After the procedure, the patient should be monitored for signs of lactic acidosis.

Pateints with heart failure NYHA or end stage renal failure should get individualized hydration. Management of acute adverse reactions to contrast media.

Ultrasound contrast media esud generally safe. Conservative management is adequate in most cases limb elevation apply ice packs careful monitoring If a serious injury is suspected, seek the advice of a surgeon.

Avoid iodine-based contrast medium injection for at least 24 hours before the isotope study. Contrast induced nephropathy CIN is a condition in which a decrease in renal function occurs within 3 days of the intravascular administration of a CM in the absence of an mefia aetiology.

I agree to the Bayer Group Privacy Statement. Cyclosporine Cisplatin Aminoglycosides Non steroid anti- inflammatory drugs Refer to renal adverse reactions section 2.

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