Meaning of Ergonomie in the German dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms for Ergonomie ergonomie bildschirmarbeitsplatz. 5. ergonomie definition. 6. Der Mensch am Bildschirm-Arbeitsplatz: Ein Handbuch über Recht, Gesundheit und Ergonomie (German Edition) [Friedrich Blaha, R. Aistleithner, H. Brusl. Das Abeto – Verfahren: So sichern Sie die ergonomische Qualität der Bildschirmarbeitsplätze. Bildschirmarbeitsplätze müssen vom Arbeitgeber im Hinblick auf.

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The eye is the principal human sense: Special care must therefore be taken over the visual faculties when an ideal working environment is provided. Natural lighting alone cannot meet all the needs for good bildschirmarbbeitsplatz lighting and must be supplemented by suitable artificial lighting.

As the eye is the organ by which we receive luminous phenomena, we cannot see unless adequate light radiation exists. The properties of light can be defined by various photometric parameters such as luminous flux, luminous intensity, degree of lighting and luminance.

The creation of a suitable lighting system must satisfy the following quality criteria: To ensure good visual perception in space, the human eye needs shadows. Shadow is bildschirmqrbeitsplatz by the precise relationship between horizontal and vertical light.

Shadows are indispensable to the plastic perception of a space and the objects within it. The environment in a room with diffuse lighting without shadows is often monotonous and can cause human beings to feel uncomfortable.

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Light conditions

On the other hand, excessive shadow zones resulting from inadequate direct lighting may cause optical illusions or create a sentiment of insecurity. The ideal distribution ergnomie the shadows depends on the effective ratio between diffuse light and directional light. To obtain balanced shadow zones at the workplace, the following measures must be taken:. An adequate lighting level guarantees perfect vision and is a fundamental requirement for all mental and physical activity.

Gestaltung des Arbeitsplatzes by Mona Dörr on Prezi

On bildschirmarbritsplatz other hand, inadequate lighting reduces contrasts, atrophies perceptions, reduces personal activity and causes the body to go into a rest phase. The ITM Labour and Mines Inspectorate has stipulated minimum requirements as a function of the type of activity which must be respected when workplaces are designed.

Here are some examples:. To guarantee an adequate lighting level, this must be correctly determined as soon as the office lighting is designed. The fact is that due account must also be taken of variations in the nominal luminous intensity which changes throughout the period of operation of the installed lighting system.

Ergonomie am Arbeitsplatz – ein Garant für gesundes Arbeiten?

In this way account is taken of the reduction of the lighting level as a result of the ageing and deterioration of lamps and light fittings on the premises.

The need for light increases with age.

The retina becomes cloudy and the visual faculty diminishes. Higher levels of lighting must therefore be provided for older workers. Unsuitable artificial lighting and the use of natural light can cause dazzle, even if this is not consciously perceived.


This dazzle is generated by excessive levels of luminance or by excessive ergnoomie ratios caused by the presence of windows lit by natural light with no possibility of closing blinds or, for example, the presence of reflective surfaces.

Arbeitsplatz Bildschirmarbeitsplatz Ergonomie Etem Ergonomischer ..

An agreeable distribution of light must be assured by attaching considerable importance to bildschirmarbeitspltz contrasts. A simple rule advocates a luminance ratio of 1: Dazzle obstructs the visual faculty, even if it is not consciously perceived. A distinction is made between direct dazzle and dazzle caused by reflection.

Light fittings can be divided into various categories, depending on the method of distribution of the luminous flux, i. A distinction is drawn between three main categories: Discussion of good workplace lighting is such a vast subject bildzchirmarbeitsplatz that we have set out below a summary of the most important points to be respected when a lighting system is designed and installed.

To counteract all risk of dazzle and reflection, the surfaces of the furniture and office equipment must have a mat ergoonomie.

The choice of colours for the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and office appliances must correspond to the level of reflection recommended bildscnirmarbeitsplatz workplaces.

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