Products 1 – 7 of 7 Receipt sugar cookies, Grand masti collection report standard, practice form answer key, Bd bbl enterotube ii interpretation guide. Remarks: Glucose – Any degree of yellow is positive. Acid end products from glucose fermentation turn the pH indicator from red (alkaline) to yellow (acid). BD Micro, GUIDE ENTEROTUBE II INTERPRETATION GUIDE, Enterotube, Each. BD Micro, GUIDE ENTEROTUBE II INTERPRETATION GUIDE, Enterotube.

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Any sign of yellow should be interpreted as a positive reaction; orange should be considered negative. The enclosed inoculating wire allows inoculation of all compartments in one step from one or a few single colonies of an isolate.

You will have 5 broth cultures at your workstation. Upon reinoculation, enterottube of these discrepants were resolved. This test detects those organisms which are capable of utilizing citrate, in the form of its sodium salt, as the sole source of carbon.


Bacterial fermentation of adonitol, lactose, arabinose, and sorbitol result in the formation of acidic end products, is indicated by a change in color of the indicator present in the medium from red alkaline to yellow acidic.

The following precautions pertain to the individual compartments indicated: To study chemical and physical properties of proteins from natural ghide egg and milk and some chemical reactions of amino acid residues in these proteins. Prepare one sheet from the coding pad for the isolate by entering patient name, specimen number, and interprrtation.

With the exception of indole and VP, read the reactions in a sequential fashion by comparing the colors of the media in the tube after incubation with those given in the color scheme on the cover of the coding interpretatioh and eventually with an uninoculated BBL Enterotube II which must be brought to room temperature first Figure 5.


H Differentation of Enterobacteriaceae by biochemical reactions, U. This should be considered negative.

Evaluation of Statens Serum Institut More information. To perform the indole test: The medium is covered with wax to provide anaerobic conditions and to allow detection of gas formation. Materials – Work in groups of 4 per table. The culture used for the inoculation should be at least 18 hours old, but should generally not be older than 48 hours. Media, incubation, and aseptic technique Lab Exercise 3: Locate the five digit number in the Interpretation Guide codebook and find the best answer s in the column entitled ID Value.

The presence of acetoin is indicated by the development of a red color within 5 to 20 min. To gguide this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The medium remains yellow if decarboxylation of lysine does not occur. Objective The goal of this lab and next week s is to show you how to deal with samples ii might come from individuals infected with. What does it mean when More information. Cultivation of Bacteria Protocols for use of cultivation of bacteria, use of general growth, enriched, selective and differential media, plate pouring, determination of temperature range for growth.

This process More information. The production of indole from the metabolism of tryptophan by the bacterial enzyme tryptophanase is detected by the development of a pink to red color after the huide of Kovacs indole reagent, which is added into the compartment after 18 to 24 h incubation of the tube see Test Procedure section.

Explain the ratio of albumin and globulin More information. The tubes may be inoculated up to the expiration date and incubated for the recommended incubation times. Identification of Unknown Organic Compounds Identification of Unknown Organic Compounds Introduction The identification and characterization of the structures of unknown substances are an interpretatiom part of organic chemistry.


It consists of several steps. This kit is stable. On initial inoculation, nine interptetation showed biochemical discrepants. Bacteria are single-celled organisms that are able More information. Indigenous Unknowns Lab Report Introduction: The medium is covered with enyerotube to provide anaerobic conditions.

Any interpretatkon having a dark brown color should not be used.


The study samples are summarized in Table 2. Explanation of the Test. Davis Biochemical and serological characterization of hydrogen sulfide producing variants of Escherichia coli. Do not wait longer than 20 min before reading the results!

In five cases the resolved result was equivalent to the reference method initial result. Selective media allow certain types of organisms to grow, and inhibit the growth More information. Metabolism sum of all chemical processes. Bacteria are single-celled organisms that are able.

Depending on this decision, use the frontside or the backside of the coding pad. The shift in ph due to the production of acid is indicated by change in the color of the indicator in the medium from red alkaline to yellow acidic.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE BBL Enterotube II. IA Rev.: Jan. 2007

To get that supply of. However, this strain is useful as a control organism to detect negative reactions in the glucose and gas interpretatiom. After completing this project the students should be able to: The purpose of this laboratory exercise is to explore the differences between Staphylococcal species and More information.

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