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You are a lighthouse.

More Stories

I think we’re the only ones who can make that claim. New Pravic Website and Blog! Read reviews that mention final quest wendy and richard world of two moons original quest richard pini volume art elves comics fans pages classic ends fantastic fantasy storyline storylines feeling graphic. He recognized Dewshine, resulting in the cub Windkin who floats. I jde would love to see a beautifully done, 2-D animated, sort of more adult-oriented series that might end up on Netflix or some other cable station.

The wonderful letters from readers I DO miss, but then again you can’t have everything! Behind the Panel Tag: We reached that point in the story, and we brought it home. New Family of High Tc Superconductors?

But I’d have to say in all honesty that Jackie’s explanation bears no resemblance whatsoever to the actual series. The Final Quest Volume 4.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. What’s the biggest difference? But given that long-running fantastic series [are popular] — of course the golden standard these days is “Game of Thrones” — these allow you to explore things at a more leisurely pace, to get much more into intrigue and plot than a two-hour movie would allow. Rayek intervened by absorbing her spirit into himself, claiming that since he once held all the spirits of the Gliders, he could hold her.


TheDramaturg Feb 2, Thanks, krwordgazer. As it would be daunting, to say the least, to search the entire catalog of the vast ElfQuest world, I am hoping that someone here can steer me in the right direction. What were the experiences with each like? Three years later, it was old enough to legally purchase liquor. Having read the original quest back in its early 80s heyday I pre-ordered months ago and it was well worth the wait.

And with the setup for what’s to come next time, I’m looking forward to seeing them in “60,” as the old issues’ letter-column liked to state things.

The good thing about knowing where a story will finish, where it must finish, is that you can take elcquest trips along the way to explore areas of the world or aspects of this or that character, that unexpectedly call out for attention. The Wolfriders are my tribe, and Cutter is the character that I identify with most.

I had been telling myself stories since I was a wee tot, and they all tended to be a similar kind of story about a character or a group of characters questing out into the world to find out who they are or where they really belonged.

Atop the Fourth Wall Be the first to comment Hide Comments. If anyone can direct me to an issue or era of the storyline that I can look into, I’d be exceedingly grateful.

Rather than attack Door, elves living and spirit invited him to enter the palace and be greeted and forgiven. TheDramaturg Feb 2, Your feeling, Apogee, is not uncommon it seems. Tyldak loved flying so much that he asked Winnowill to re-shape his body to have wings instead of arms, so that he could truly fly.


Comics that Made Me a Fan: Elfquest | HISTORIES OF THINGS TO COME

Thousands of years later, he came to live in the Palace of the High Ones, reuniting with fellow Glider Aroree and then Ekolin Doorthe latter of whom died a short time later. Humans in the ‘New Land’ known to humans as Junslandmostly in the storyline Shardsbut also in some short stories.

Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. We asked them about the beginnings of the comic book and where it could go in today’s cinematic universe-crazy times.

List of Elfquest characters – Wikipedia

One person found this helpful. She controlled the Chosen Eightand secretly the lives of all Gliders. She returned to the Gliders as a sadistic megalomaniacand has been the principal elfin villain of the series. It is a very, very nicely self-contained story although is just the first chapter in the larger arc, which ends with final quest. The Complete Elfquest Volume 3. If you can meet a deadline, they really love you in the comic business. So yet again, Elfquest scores a five out of five.

He was extraordinarily devoted to her, and claimed he must “protect” her from herself.

Later series introduced numerous additional characters; about have been mentioned elfuqest name at least once. Their descendants are much larger and more intelligent, the latter by barely.

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