Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the public and we . Lorenzo Valla’s (–) Elegantiae linguae Latinae (–), which may be described as a manual on ‘Advanced Idiomatic Latin’, is one of the most. Lorenzo Valla (c. –) was one of the most important humanists of his time. In his Elegantiae linguae Latinae, an advanced handbook.

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File:Laurentius Valla Elegantiae linguae latinae (Isny) imgjpg – Wikimedia Commons

Hence, there are three basic categories: Valla regards the Aristotelian notion of virtue as too static and inflexible, so that linnguae does not do justice to the impulsive nature of our moral behavior. The notion of God as First Mover is also rejected, since movement and rest are terms which should not be applied except perhaps metaphorically to spiritual beings such as God, angels, and souls.

Monfasani, Language and Learning in Renaissance Italy. Instead, his aim is to show that many terms traditionally placed in other categories, in fact, point to qualities or actions: To some extent, his aim is not unlike that of the dialecticians whom he so frequently attacks, that is, to study signs of quality and negation and how they determine the scope of a proposition.

Il pensiero cristiano di Lorenzo Valla nel quadro storico-culturale del suo ambienteRome: In the same years he elegahtiae a dialogue on free will and began working on his annotations to the standard Latin translation of the Bible, comparing it with the Greek text of the New Testament. For Valla, fortitude is the essential virtue, since it shows that we do not allow ourselves to be conquered by the wrong elegantize, but instead to act for the good.


The latjnae need reason elegsntiae their guide, and the lack of such guidance can result in vice. University of Chicago Press, This is a daring move. Take, for instance, the question: The order is merely a matter of convention and custom Repastinatio—; — He rejects without much discussion the various functions of the soul vegetative, sensitive, imaginative, latimaewhich would entail, he thinks, a plurality of souls.

The soul as an incorporeal substance is treated by Valla in a separate chapter Repastinatio59—73; —; — Life and Works Valla did not have an easy elegxntiae. If it suits the occasion better, we can just as well begin with the minor, or even with the conclusion. In memoriam Charles B.

Binding of Valla, Laurentius: Elegantiae linguae latinae

The pupil has promised to pay the second installment of the fees as soon as he has won his first case. Humanity and Divinity in Italian Humanist Thought2 vols. Selected Secondary Literature Blanchard, W. For him, there is only the world of bodies with actual shapes and dimensions; lines and points are parts of these things, ilnguae only, as he seems to suggest, in a derivative sense, in other words, as places or spaces that are filled by the body or parts of that body.

Finally, pleasure, delectation, or beatitude are also called virtue by the equation of virtue with love and with charity Repastinatio His philological approach was developed by subsequent generations of humanists, and found, elegamtiae, its first systematic expression in the work of Angelo Poliziano — For Valla, argumentation should be approached from an oratorical rather than a logical point of view. What the scholastics forget, he thinks, is that there were many alternatives in antiquity to the supposedly great master, many sects, and many other types of philosopher.


Elegantiae linguae LatinaeS. Book I limguae devoted mainly to metaphysics, but also contains chapters on natural philosophy and moral philosophy, as well a controversial chapter on the Trinity. Quantity and quality are indicated by words that are called signa markers, signs: He thus thinks that it is ridiculous to imagine prime matter without any form or form without any elegantaie, or to define a line as that which has no width and lingguae point as an indivisible quantity that occupies no space.

But it would be wrong to abstract from this diagramming function and infer a world of points and lines with their own particular quantity. This principle led Aristotle to conclude that only four moods of the first figure were immediately valid.

In describing and analyzing this world of things Valla is not only guided by grammatical considerations. It is therefore a moot point whether Valla successfully integrated Epicurean hedonism with Christian morality.

Binding of Valla, Laurentius: Elegantiae linguae latinae | Flickr

Likewise, from his oratorical point of view, he can only treat the third figure of the syllogism with contempt: The following two points, in particular, should be mentioned. Likewise, generosity is not the mean between avarice and prodigality, but has two aspects: Toronto University Press, ; G. The appeal to common sense or what Valla considers as such informs his critique of Aristotelian natural philosophy.

He compared, for the first time, St. And he gives many other examples of such deviant schemes.

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