Name: Physical. Value Step & Dice Physical Defense Value. /. Player: Dexterity. ( ). Spell Defense Value. /. Discipline: Circle: Strength. (). Social Defense Value. Earthdawn Character Sheet. © William Arnold v GENERAL INFO. ATTRIBUTES. COMBAT STATISTICS. Name: Physical. perception. ❑❑❑. Carrying capacity legend points willpower. ❑❑❑ current: total: charisma. ❑❑❑ initiative. Reputation: renown: karma current: Maximum.

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Home Downloads What is Earthdawn? May you interested in renaming the data field names into names which are already handled by the Earthdawn Character Editor? As I have Adobe Reader only and not a full pdf editor, and no skill in manipulating pdfs I cannot adjust that setting myself.

It was made by ajfel a polish Earthdawn fan and blogger. But finally I re-edited the Spell page and finished it today.

Earthdawn Character Generator

The sheet also has five slots for elixirs, 10 slots for blood magic and it contains three big fields for discipline abilities descriptions of the character. Good question, Talent Knacks seem to be missing. It uses the alternative discipline mechanics as proposed by RedBrick for the 3rd edition but with custom talent options based on the 1st and 2nd edition talents.

Is there any repercussion to the necromancer? Using PDF Escape only provides “checkboxes” with hooks! Newer Post Older Post Home. Don’t reload the page during character creation or you will lose all your entries.


Can I get another bit of help? This is an unofficial online character generator for the Earthdawn Hseet mostly 2nd edition. Click to add skill to sheet.

Unfortunately I can’t do anything about it, seems to be a conversion thing. Has to be greater than or equal to zero: I love the layout of your character sheets but it is a shame the editing rights set up don’t permit saving the completed sheet, only printing it out.

I recommend you the RedBrick forum at http: Cause this would be the same with spells like undead struggle, too. So that you know that you increased the attribute and the next time you have to spend more LP’s. One has the D12 dice table and the other has the D20 based dice table on it. What about changing ticks into black squares?

Thanks for the comments. After inserting the value in the coloum “circle” the whole site fills with this entry. The original sheets were updated and received new user rights and can now be saved with Acrobat Reader too. The ability to modify and save the sheet is an Adobe Reader problem and not a problem of the sheet rights. You can save data typed into this form.

There is also an overview page for all the discipline talent options used in this generator. To be exactly it was Elidis who requested it and as I recently remembered that request I contacted ajfel to make the english version of his character sheet editable.


I mentioned in one of my previous Link Advice a great character sheet. The current program was tested in Firefox 3. Here is the redesigned currently non editable sheet:. In order to earthdawj the page set all the page margins in your browser’s print dialog to 0, then it should all fit nicely onto a single sheet of paper.

Home Downloads What is Earthdawn?

That’s why the following will contain the same content. Maybe UglyGoblin will find some time to add Talent Knacks to the sheet.

To load a previously saved character just select the corresponding file on your local disk with the following browse dialog and then click the load button. What do You think about this? I’ll try to fix the size of the hooks soon.

ED Character Generator

earthdaawn If I leave line 7 entry, I have the same problem in line 8 and the following lines. You record with those checkboxes the attribute increase. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I hope this information has been useful to help you to track down that extra functionality. D12 dice table sheet D20 dice table sheet mirror mirror By the way:

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