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Drag in the appropriate direction straight out for perpendicular or at an angle for tangent until the Drawing Assistant perpendicular or tangent notation appears. The selected commands are moved from the Menu list box to the Commands list box.

For example, in the file name “winmail. Read therefore always the related readme file of the related ddraftboard in the Function folder of the DraftBoard folder before you bind in a function or command into DraftBoard. See as well under Adding Commands in this chapter.

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When fraftboard click the Apply button all selected objects in the drawing area obtain the new specifications. To help make object creation easier, DraftBoard’s tools contain a feature we call Smart Pointers. The line is drawn with the current pen specifications for color, weight, and pattern.

Arrows Clicking this buttons moves a command from the Commands list box to the Menu list box and vice versa. Creating Text lines 1. Edit This button displays the Line Editor, that allows you to edit the new pattern. Click the New Button. Click once to lock onto that point. Center-Point Circle Tool This tool draws a circle specified by the center point and diameter. When you restart DraftBoard all palettes that were displayed when you closed DraftBoard are automatically reopened.

The Function [param] dialog box contains the following elements: The angle A box is now highlighted. If you want to make an entry in a different status box, you can use one of four selection methods: This menu contains as well all commands to modify all pen settings.

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X Y Angle Length Width The status line allows you to specify the X, Y coordinates of the first corner point, as well as the angle, length and height of the rectangle. Manual Layout The DraftBoard documentation consists of the following: Press and hold down the mouse button at the desired location for the starting point of the line.

The unlimuted color is displayed in the New box below the Original box and its color values are displayed in the boxes for the colors Red, Green and Blue.

Application — RoaringApps

All existing lines drawn in the pen weight drafyboard edited will be changed to reflect the new weight, as will all future lines will be drawn in that weight. If you click on an object while holding down the Ctrl key Macintosh: G] This command on the Layout menu controls the display of the grid. You may then adjust the curvature of the spline between the locked points without disturbing other areas of the spline.

drattboard You can display the Macro dialog box, select a macro in the Names list box and click the Run button. If you want to knlimited a connecting arc between two points rather than a line, hold down the Ctrl key Macintosh: If necessary, click the points you want to lock the points on either side of the point you will change.

A letter and number combination describing the executed Stroke will be filled into the Stroke list box automatically. As you drag, you see a rubberband line that previews your construction.


Construct an arc, circle, or ellipse. The Edit Pattern dialog box Line Editor is displayed. You can create a copy of the last circumscribed polygon by holding down the Ctrl key Macintosh: Release the mouse fraftboard when the Dash is the length you want.

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Nulimited dynamic construction lines with existing geometry You can have as many as eight active points; activating the ninth point in a series deactivates the first point. Press the mouse button on the Pen Indicator box.

When you choose the Function f x ;f x,y command in draaftboard Modules menu the following dialog box is displayed: Drag straight away from darftboard object in a perpendicular direction. The appearance of a car is one of the major sales factors. Creating multiple construction lines You can create multiple construction lines through the same point by entering the angles you want separated by semicolons. Select the Reload command in the Extra menu if you have copied the source code files in to the Function folder when DraftBoard unlimitted already running.

Color This command in the Pen menu specifies the color of the current pen and any selected geometry without changing any other pen characteristics. If you are a novice user, you may want to skip it entirely.

You can choose from draftboxrd different pen styles in the Pen menu. When the grid is visible, the Drawing Assistant snaps to the grid spacing. The default is 0, You can display different parts of the drawing sheet by dragging the slider of a scroll bar to the approximate location.

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