?x=dnd/dragon/March I am honored to have illustrated the Legendary Items of Krynn article. (we don’t need new 4E classes or races, fiction, board games, monsters adapted from a popular anime series, or rules design for D&D Next). But mixed in with. 8 Dragon Anniversary: Dragonchess By Gary Gygax (afterword by Kim Mohan) D&D isn’t the only game Gary Gygax created. He also invented a chess game.

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Originally Posted by Dice4Hire. I may consider using rules like these, but I actually liked the restrictions on MCing once I got used to them, so, we’ll see. Submit a new link.

Sorcerer gives you good multi-attacks. As I recall, there was no water mephit familiar, and I homebrewed a replacement.


Optional rules within optional rules. Similar Threads 34th level magic items I may take the kernel of that idea and rework it myself MwaO Warden makes sense for those.

Born to a legacy of arcane might, you have learned to augment your spells with this gift. You gain a flight speed of 6 squares altitude limit 1. I downloaded a totally legit copy of the Dragon Magazine article, and it is, indeed, Unearthed Arcana. Otherwise it’s just cherrypicking powers and if nothing else Warden mixed in for the HP bonus.

Level-by-level Multiclassing for 4e; Dragonlance Items; Draconian! I think I’d rather use an Int Cha Psion Sorcerer and grab sorcerer utilities that boost defenses every chance I get, if I was going to go sorcerer at all.


Then at level 2 grab improved initiative. Sorcerer dailies can be sweeter than pie, with some higher level augmented Psion at wills. Log in or sign up in seconds. Here’s the list of things I’ll need: Swordmage has a lot of AoE options. Taking up more of the space is a lot more of a penalty on their maneuverability than yours, when there are enough minions that you can fire in a straight line and kill three. Wednesday, 27th October, At higher levels, paladins gain access to decent Charisma-based mass marks, which should help protect your minions.

The biggest problem with a solo game, regardless of playstyle and preference, is that the action economy is super slim. First Failed Saving Throw The target is instead immobilized save ends. The DM should supervise the use of this system to assure the outcome is desirable for his or her game.

However, if I don’t hybrid, the class features work normally Sneak Attack could work with Steel Serpent Strike, for example. Paladin grants good defenses and plate armor proficiency.

Your natural aptitude for both magic and combat and your gift for command make you a force to be reckoned with. Especially at epic levels, now that I think about it Are you required to follow any of the restrictions listed in the sidebar for that multiclassing system?

Originally Posted by Devigor. You take damage equal to your bloodied value, and you fall prone. Gotta love extra HP.

4E Dragon is up! Level-by-level Multiclassing for 4e; Dragonlance Items; Draconian!

Doing a quick static mods check, assuming you improve your forced movement, grab some encounter slide powers, and your DM keeps that math handicap on creeps, you should be able to solo a encounter-long adventure at-level designed for a regular party, using the above PsiSorc. Sometimes if ndd plan dnnd then it can be even better because you can force them into traps and ambushes you may have prepared earlier.


I was hoping the Mephit article had familiars. Anyone with heavy armor proficiency automatically gets Chainmail. Just a quick one: From the moment of your birth, you were a match for virtually any human soldier. If they’re ranged minions, use Avenger or Assassin utilities to get close first.

Darkdragoon I’m trying to figure out which combination of class features and powers will work best together for a solo 44e. That doesn’t even include other gems you can pull with that hybrid.

Combat is easier than usual, so I felt the multiclassing option would be valid. Making milestones every encounter instead of every two encounters is advised here, or maybe just allowing multiple action points per encounter for when elites or solos appear.

Now I want to use this, it’s as close to a 3.

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