Palabras clave: obesidad, índice de masa corporal (IMC), densidad ósea, osteoporosis, el tipo de obesidad (androide vs. ginecoide) y osteoporosis . concluyen en forma específica que es la grasa de distribución superior -y no la. La obesidad se define como un exceso de grasa corporal. Se considera que una visceral (obesidad androide o central) resulta más perjudicial que la acumulación de grasa subcutánea gluteofemoral (obesidad ginoide o periférica). Tipos de obesidad según la distribución del WAT (modificada de Frühbeck, ). La mujer posmenopáusica presentó una distribución de grasa corporal androide, adiferencia de la premenopáusica, que fue ginoide. Su tejido adiposo.

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A secondary objective of our study was to validate the data obtained by BIA a technique commonly used in clinical practice with those obtained by DXA gold standard for the study of body composition. J Am Soc Nephrol [Internet], 12pp. Preventing and Managing the Global Epidemic. Bellido D, Carreira J. An informed consent template was designed and it was signed by each participant.

Pathologic basis of codporal stability and instability.

Subsequently, we performed a second part of the study; a control group of 17 patients on PD, from the Nephrology Department, who fulfilled the same criteria as the HD patients were compared with the 29 patients on HD cross-sectional baseline.

Protective effect of moderate overweight on bone density of the hip joint in elderly and old austrians. Seven-year changes in body fat and visceral adipose tissue in women. Body composition changes in hemodialysis patients: There were no significant differences in the longitudinal study in serum FGF concentrations in the overall population or in the subgroups by gender.

Age-related changes in body composition of healthy and osteoporotic women. Definition, diagnosis and disadvantages. This relationship may play a role in assessing CV risk in overweight patients. Homeostasis Model Assessment; IL Influence of weight and body fat distribution on bone density in postmenopausal women.


Am J Clin Nutr [Internet], 63pp.

As a secondary objective, we tried to validate the data obtained by bioelectrical impedance analysis BIA with those obtained by DXA gold standard for determining body composition and poorly accessible technique in daily clinical practice.

Health consequences of visceral obesity.

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National Institutes of Health. Grading comment Muchas gracias a todos. The recruitment period for patients lasted from May to March Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. The measurements of anthropometric and body composition, and the collection of blood samples, were obtained under fasting conditions at baseline between and and 12 months later.

Adipose tissue in renal disease: Nefrologia [Internet], 31pp. Relationship between body composition and bone mass in women. Possible protective effects of thigh fat.

BIOQUIMICA DE LA NUTRICIÓN by Valeeria Saandoval Esquiveel on Prezi

InFormica et al. Diabetes Care International Journal of Obesity In terms of lab parameters, there were no differences between the groups, except for higher albumin and lower cholesterol in HD patients, despite the fact that these patients had been on dialysis for more time than PD patients.

Triceps skin fold TSF was obtained cor;oral means of a Holtain skinfold calliper with a range of 20 cm and a sensitivity of 0. The data are shown as mean SD for normal distribution variables and as median p25; p75 for non-parametric variables. Reduced residual renal function is associated with endothelial dysfunction in patients receiving peritoneal dialysis.

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J Bone Miner Res. An early detection algorithm was developed to identify individuals presenting these atherogenic abnormalities. Implications for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Indices of relative weight and obesity. Characteristics of bone mineral density and soft tissue composition of obese Japanese women: Post Your ideas for ProZ.


In terms of lab grrasa, there were no differences between the groups, except for higher albumin and lower cholesterol in HD patients, despite the fact that these patients had been on dialysis for more time than PD patients. Return to KudoZ list. Our main objective has been not only to verify whether there is an abdominal fat gain in haemodialysis HD patients, but also to study a possible relationships with the changes in plasma levels of adipocytokines, which could be andeoide to the metabolic disorders induced by adipocyte activity in uraemia.

No significant differences were found in the laboratory parameters, except for cholesterol.

Introduction Abdominal fat and its increment over time in particular has become a cardiovascular risk factor in uraemic patients. Our results show a statistically significant increase in plasma levels of leptin and a decrease in plasma levels of adiponectin, even after adjusting their levels for BMI in HD patients. The measurement was performed according to the criteria established by the National Institutes of Health Technology Assessment Conference Statement.

J Clin Endocrinol Metab [Internet], 97pp. The case for intrinsic endotheiopathy. Login to enter a peer comment or grade. Relationship between total and regional bone mineral density and menopausal state, body composition an life style factors in overweight Japanese women.

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