Diccionario de Nombres Propios (Spanish Edition). Amelie Nothomb. 2, ratings by Goodreads. ISBN / ISBN Published. Diccionario de Nombres Propios (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Amelie Nothomb ; ; Modern fiction, General & literary fiction, Fiction. Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Otros: Amelie nothomb. diccionario de nombres propios. anagrama primera edicion.

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I think I’ve used the p Nothomb is a tough cookie to fathom. I didn’t care much for the ending, but that’s the point – I’m a western woman and didn’t l I finished this in one subway round trip plus 5 minutes – a lovely little book! I finished this in one subway round trip plus 5 minutes – a lovely little book!

I’m rapidly becoming a fan of Nothomb. She oozes such beautiful, dark, twisted and elegant writing. Und trotzdem, Plectrude schafft es sich wieder aufzurappeln ob es wohl am Namen liegt? Apr 03, Lukasz Pruski nombrea it it was ok.

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Plectrude is adopted by her aunt when the mother commits suicide and the girl’s name seems to work its spell: I didn’t care much for the ending, but that’s the point – I’m a western woman and didn’t like that the story’s ending marred the “happily ever after” I yearned for.

She decides that she will do no harm to the father of her child and just like her mother she had the urge to kill herself right after the baby born. Ci provo -anche se mi sembra che il pensiero sia ancora un po’ acerbo. If you are wondering about a possible intertextual reference to the real Saint Plectrude that could help elucidate the meaning of the novel, no connection. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter. Maybe this could be the key to its interpretation?

That a common, unexceptional name could be exceptional in the sense it contains all the possibilities? In addition, her books are usually too short. She pushed her limits as she weight as a feather and just like a feather without a wind blow, she fell.


wmelie Nach ihrer Geburt bringt sich ihre Mutter um Revoked the title as her mom, as a golden child, Clemence spilled out the dark truth about her true mother, Plectrude crushed. While in prison, Lucette gives birth to a daughter “To have an extraordinary life, Lucette believes, one must have an extraordinary name.

Yes, Plectrude decides to give her own son the unexceptional name Robert, which is a common word for dictionary in France. She is a quite, dreamlike child. Now that would’ve been really innovative. Be the first to ask a question about The Book of Proper Names. The book had no flow, just bunch of shocking, weird, short sentences put together. The father, Fabien who are far from reach wh This is an unusual book for me. Her long lost crush.

Au final, on s’en fout. The only good thing I can say for it was that it wasn’t long. Unusual and charming is definitely this author’s trademark.

Cover for Plectrude by Amelie Nothomb 3 11 Jan 10, And the themes the book delves in – what it means to be exceptional, how you can make yourself one and the connections between exceptionality and happiness, madness or chance – always deserve pondering.

There are so many little moments of brilliancy that made me scream YES in my head and aloud as well. Her stories often contain such implausible elements — presented as if they were mere nothings — as to render the whole thing just That felt off, but I can somehow still forgive it.

Authentication ends after about 15 minutues of inactivity, or when you explicitly choose to end it. Both consummate and the girl pregnant, too soon by age but ripe enough with the idea. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Horrified by the pedestrian names her husband chooses for their unborn child Tanguy if it’s a boy, Joelle if it’s a girlLucette does the only honorable thing to save her baby from such an unexceptional destiny – she kills her spouse.


On top of it all, there is Amelie Nothomb toying with her readers’ expectations! A story about a happy couple, in love and in trance with each other embraces and affections. There is a lot of good stuff in the novel: Destila cierto humor dicionario la hace muy entretenida de leer.

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The girl, Lucette carrying a baby of 8 months, rubs her belly and wish that soon she will have a baby that interest in the idea of becoming a dancer. While in Japan, she attended a local school and learned Japanese. At age 13, she was in love with a new transferred boy named, Mathieu Saladin. It made me give this book 3 stars instead of diccionaeio. With such an ominous origin, diccionairo could expect something intriguing.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. After I turned the last page I was not sure what to make out of the title as no dictionary makes an appearance in the story besides the cameo at the beginning. Her dreams and magic are slowly being erased in the dance school where th Unusual and charming is definitely this author’s trademark.

Each novella I read by Nothomb makes my skin go all bumpy. There are not so much dynamics in the middle arc.

That could have been developed into a much more powerful novel, but then Nothomb has to go and ruin it with e I often find Nothomb a little bit too keen to shock.

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