The company said it will continue support for its current Z8 Encore! The devices are designed to meet the needs of designers working on consumer and. Microcontroller (MCU) Develop- because our kit then serves as your complete Z8 Encore!® additional cost allowing you to begin your design immedi- ately. What would be better than designing a softcore to learn more about VHDL ( VHSIC hardware I ended up choosing a modern Z relative: the Zilog Z8 Encore!.

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Among all those states, two are widely used by a lot of instructions: The instruction decoder reads opcodes from the instruction queue and translates them into corresponding operations.

MC, the microcontroller uses a highly accurate Internal Precision Oscillator as the system clock source one of a number of system clock options to aid in noise reduction. After thinking a bit and reading compiler output messages, I figured microclntroller that it was probably a timing issue.

Zilog offers a high-end, ICE in-circuit emulator kit, which includes package adapters enncore event trace functions.

Embedded Insights – Embedded Processing Directory – Zilog Z8 Encore! MC

With the over-current sense feature and fault input, designers can incorporate fast shutdown of the motor for anti-kick back or stall detection. Refer to Figure 4. At first, I thought this section would not be so difficult because interrupts are no big deal, right?

Another important detail is that all instructions within the same column and group are the same size in bytes, thus can be decoded in the same decoder section. To my surprise, while most of the time I could successfully send commands and receive the expected results, sometimes the design would simply freeze and stop responding.

The interrupt flag register IRQ0 samples interrupt inputs every rising edge of the system clock.


That is a tough way to learn that you must always synchronize witn signals prior to feeding them into complex logic! With its lightweight IDE integrated development environment and free ANSI C compiler, it is an excellent project to learn and also teach about embedded systems.

The result was absolutely weird.

My OCD design implements almost all commands available on the tje hardware, except for those related to data memory debug commands 0x0C and 0x0D ; the read runtime counter 0x3 ; and the read program memory CRC 0x0E. So, we can design an ALU which takes a nibble as input the higher nibble from the opcode and decodes it accordingly. A motor control-specific development tool suite is also available for the Z8 Encore!

This feature replaces having a traditional microcontroller implementation of Back EMF sensing using an extra comparator and multiplexer, thus saving die area and PCB space.

Decoding an INC r1 instruction is simple: The Back EMF signal is locked from the very onset of the start-up phase, without the need for initial micrcontroller of the rotor in a specific position.

Z8Encore! Applications Library

These microcontrollers are packed with a very nice peripheral set, ranging from versatile bit timers to motor control timers, from multiple UARTs IrDA ready to USB devices, and much more visit www.

If we look at row 0x1, we can see that columns 0x0 and 0x1 are RLC instructions, and columns 0x2 up to 0x9 are ADC instructions. The actual instruction decoding block checks whether a low power mode is not active and also if the debugger mode is off OCDCR.

I must say that debugging and refining the debugger code was the hardest part of this project; mostly because it interacts with all the other subsystems including buses, the decoder, and instruction queue. Subscribe to the Embedded Insights Newsletter to be notified of directory updates.


Building Your Own Microcontroller

Everything started to work perfectly! Well, when I started to figure out how to do all the needed tasks saving context, vectoring, managing priorities, etc. Free software upgrades are available. Before connecting, make sure that debugger settings are the same as in Figure 8. Just keep in mind that the FPz8 has a volatile program memory. It comprises usual instructions for basic operations such as addition, subtraction, logical operations, data manipulation instructions, shifting instructions, change-of-flow instructions, some bit instructions, bit testing and manipulation, 8×8 multiply, etc.

Thus, any program downloaded to it is lost when the FPGA is powered down. This feature enhances motor performance and functionality without adding cost to the Bill of Desiging.

It then checks the available bytes in the queue and proceeds with decoding. You can supply a hex file and use the MegaWizard Plug-in Manager to change the micfocontroller memory initialization file. That is why I ended up writing two units: Once the code is successfully downloaded, you can start the application GO buttonstep instructions, inspect or edit registers, set breakpoints, etc. The Back EMF Sample Time Stamp is a patented applied function offering a configuration that ties two existing microcontroller blocks together to add functionality to the microcontroller.

That way, your application code will start running following a reset signal. The five register area buses comprise three for the file register area user RAMand another two dedicated to special function registers.

Addresses 0x and 0x are dedicated to the configuration options; addresses 0x and 0x store the reset vector; and so on.

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