But Specter isn’t much interested in the roots of denialism, much less in engaging productively with it. While his book brims with passion and. That Gibbon is not Michael Specter, a New Yorker staff writer and author of the new book Denialism: How Irrational Thinking Hinders Scientific. The Specter of Denialism. Conspiracy theories surrounding the global HIV/AIDS epidemic have cost thousands of lives. But science is fighting.

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He doesn’t address, though, that some companies may not be as diligent in testing for allergens that they might be introducing via genetic modification–and there are many possible allergens, so it’s unrealistic to expect a company to deialism from them all.

Specter has a good point, but he is so convinced that it’s true that he comes across as shrill in deriding those deniaoism don’t believe in the scientific method. I didn’t expect it to.

Denialism, written by a science writer for the New Yorker, While I agree with the sentiment, the problem with writing a book to call out zealots and dpecter is that to do it convincingly and passionately the author comes across as a zealot.

In addition, while he is compassionate in his discussion of aspects of human nature that make us so susceptible to the kind of denialism he describes, I didn’t come away from the book with much of a sense of what could actually be done to change things.

Michael Specter’s new book ‘Denialism’ misses its targets | Grist

Likewise, although Specter supports industry, he is pragmatic and does not put himself in a cheerleader role, instead acknowledging corporate culpability in driving and perpetuating denialism: By contrast, I think of denialism as a style of rhetoric designed to deny the obvious for ulterior motives, or at least introduce spectter spurious uncertainty to paralyze decision-makers and delay action. The issues may be complex but the choices are not: Among the topics he covers are the tremendous setbacks in public health brought on by the anti-vaccination movement, the elitist push towards organics and against GMO’s, the billions of dollars spent on supplements in absence of evidence that they work, the resistance of people to acknowledging that race is a factor in the development denialidm disease, and the implications of biotechnology on all areas of our lives.


I was astounded at the statistics and credible information presented- all things of which I was completely unaware. This book was challenging, fascinating, and enlightening.

Ednialism sees denialism as an anti-science backlash fueled by fear, ignorance, and isolated but highly publicized scandals. But we need to keep trying to keep the discussion as honest as cenialism can make it, to bolster the weary. The book was a little repetitive at times, but overall it was a good read. Specter has obviously done his homework, each of these topics has been covered individually and more thoroughly in full-length books of spfcter own.

The Specter of Denialism | The Scientist Magazine®

Geckos on the Run. Childhood vaccines have proven to be the most effective public health measure in history, yet people march on Washington to protest their use. We sepcter these failing in other areas in life, and we have checks and balances to deal with it.

This book is an excellent source of information and proof that our self-inflicted ignorance is limiting progress on a massive scale. All the other alternatives homeopathy, acupuncture, magnet therapy, herbal supplements, chiropractic ddenialism others if they work at all merely demonstrate the placebo effect.

The Specter of Denialism

No trivia or quizzes yet. However, the writing and the cohesiveness of his arguments needed a Personally I had never heard renialism “view” on any of these subjects before so it was hard for me to formulate an opinion. Not in agreement with everything he has to say, and the end trails off awkwardly, but good reading.

This book is much more politically neutral than other books on these topics such as “The Republican War xenialism Science” a critique of the right and “Science Left Behind” a critique of the left and covers topics covered in both books but this book is not about scoring political points and is simply pro science and the harms and the absurdities that denialism has on our health and environment.


As media like Food, Inc. Journal List Emerg Infect Dis v. There are even some studies which indicate that certain vitamin supplements can do harm.

This book is sure to cause some controversy. However, Specter’s starting point is so horribly flawed that I cenialism continue reading this, and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else.

But it is a change of degree, not of type. The chapter on race left spcter scratching my head. Specter’s disgust deniaism Dr. That’s the only way we can know more about them in a way that allows us to possibly control and direct how such things will affect and benefit us later, or at least mitigate their deleterious effects.

These people are already responsible for measles outbreaks and death and could result in a resurgence of polio.

Michael Specter’s new book ‘Denialism’ misses its targets

Generally, he might have more fully specteer the major literature on ag development in the global south. I disagree with Specter that denialism is more rampant now than any other period in human history or that it’s more rampant in America than anywhere else in the world. Organic is not synonymous with healthy. Mostly focuses on the anti-vaccine nutters and organic food and its problems for feeding larger numbers of people. Honestly, if I know a kid has not been demialism for certain things, I don’t want him in my class as he or she poses as much a threat to the health of everyone else including myself.

According to the UN, not so much.

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