DEMON NIGHT is the fifth story in the Guardian series, and the third full-length book. It takes place in modern-day Seattle and San Francisco, four months after. Beautiful Charlie Newcomb is being hunted by vampires, for she is the link to a medical miracle that could be invaluable to the night stalkers. Her only protection . Read “Demon Night” by Meljean Brook with Rakuten Kobo. Beautiful Charlie Newcomb is being hunted by vampires, for she is the link to a medical miracle that.

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He offers a lot of humor to story and its great to see the way he interacts with Charlie. Liu, New York Times bestselling author. He makes her feel safe. But he probably knew this about her, too, so there was really no reason not to explain. Praise for the Guardian series: Is this what female readers really want? Regardless, my immense enjoyment of this novel the second time around is also a testament to the quality of Ms.

Dec 23, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: Charlie is an ex-singer who is struggling to recover her life after a self-destructive streak. Many Guardians and novices are now receiving their assignments through and training at Special Investigations. But she is a survivor and her days are filled working as a bartender and keeping in touch with her dear sister, Jane. Quotes from Demon Night. Brook gives them distinctive dialogue and paints a fascinating, erotic world full of angels, demons, vampires and ambiguity.

Of course it aint all that simple and something even worse than a demon is loose in Seattle. Instead she lost herself in drink and that last car crash damaged her throat; she’ll never do better than a gravelly tone ever again. Demon Night is an exceptional novel that should not be missed. The Kraken King Part V. Prior to the successful closing of Hell’s Gates for the next five hundred years, several hundred demons escaped to Earth.


Or you’ll fall in love with the worldbuilding, the complex characters, you name it. The love story of Charlie and Ethan is a wonderful blend of humor, tenderness, and passion.

Every conversation where they would pussyfoot around what they needed and wanted… every time they left vital things left unsaid… every time they miscommunicated… my patience grew thinner and thinner.

In this story, the demons are researching blood, trying to find a way to produce artificial blood for vampires. He makes her feel safe. Unfortunately, the demon has made plans for Charlie in order to secure her sister’s cooperation.

Set up a giveaway. I will give props to this book having a huge plot twist in it halfway through that I won’t spoil. I like that the protagonist, Charlie, unfolds slowly and her past is not laid out for you, but rather you get hints here and there throughout the book to put together. Sir Pup is Lilith’s three-headed hellhound. Meljean, I love you!

But instead, Ethan’s restraint actually builds the tension between them so that when Ethan’s restraint breaks from time to time he and Charlie really sizzle. When it comes to him, the reader or at least I is torn between feeling hatred and being loyal to Charlie and Ethan or accepting that it’s simply his role in the game and adoring how he is an asshole except when the one he loves asks him to stop being one.

I’ve already read all the books that have been published until now — so the first 7 novels and novellas — but Charlie, the heroine of this novel, was probably one of my all-time favorites. Ethan and SI are desperate to save Charlie and identify this new demon as they can only kill it in one form. Ethan is a great hero and Brook does a terrific job of giving him the feel of being from another time.


Book Review: Meljean Brook’s Demon Night – KD Did It Edits

Ethan is also puzzle. Ethan is an old cowboy who made a couple of wrong turns before becoming a Guardian… and one or two since. A few symbols, your blood and only you can pass through the barrier.

Ethan plans on keeping Charlie safe from a distance, because up close there is something about Charlie that is just too distracting and in his business distraction could cost Ethan his head or Charlie her life. And just when you think the situation is stable, and nightt conflict is resolved, another plot twist has you right back on the edge of your seat. Demon Night is so much more and beyond anything you will demob.

Demon Night

As I’ve mentioned before, Ethan was a little pale compared to awesome Charlie. Most of the human scientists at Legion work there because the demons are turning their relatives into vampires. The conflict was so dire, the history supported such a connection, it was powerful to me.

Posted January 6, by Kathy Davie in Book Reviews I received this book for free from the library in exchange for an honest review.

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