Delusions of Gender has ratings and reviews. Cordelia Fine, a psychologist, decided to write this book after discovering her son’s kindergarten. In Delusions of Gender the psychologist Cordelia Fine exposes the bad science, the ridiculous arguments and the persistent biases that blind. fascinating on the blurring of the line between pathological delusions and the Cordelia Fine is a Research Associate at the Centre for Agency, Values and.

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Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference

Given the nature of the book, I assume her research was thoroughly done, but there’s still a distinct rhetorical strategy to the final work and I couldn’t stop wondering if that had shaped the results presented. The thing that this book shows time and again is just how much edifice can be built on incredibly shaky foundations.

This seems particularly topical given absurd rumblings from the US government about defining gender in law. Many parents assume they are providing gender-neutral parenting and ‘fall back’ on a biological explanation when their little girls demand pink dresses and dolls.

At the end of this section, she points to a mass study, or meta-analysis, that puts together data from thousands of participants from various studies investigating the same question, and showed that, when using a large sample size as opposed to the small ones normally used in these experimentsmost of the trends that scientists have claimed to find on gender differences turn out to be statistically insignificant, and cordeliia unsupported by science.

But in an orchestra? The section about gender-neutral parenting stood out to me too. Even rat-dads, with no hormone-tampering, are readily able to raise perfectly adjusted rat-kids. One of the reasons she left was because they were all so very kind to her. Researchers carry out poorly designed experiments with inadequate numbers of subjects, and then draw sweeping conclusions from differences which are not even clearly significant.

Poorly conducted studies with flawed methodologies, too-small studies, confusion of correlation with causation. When Dslusions looked at him somewhat aghast, he said it was because my husband didn’t have anyone to play cirdelia with – well to do real sport with, like football.

Delussions is that really what the latest science does tell us about the differences between male and female brains?

A simple example is the study in which female college students were asked if they were interested in pursuing engineering studies, but in differing environments. I am left unsure how much I trust her or those she criticises. As it is, by waving the flag of her partiality – which she somehow attempts to do whilst finf that this is the issue with the other side – right in our faces, she left me wondering if she is as trustworthy as she wants to be.


However, anyone who reads this and remains unconvinced that there’s a whole lot of socialization going on in both your right-brain and your left-brain will probably not be convinced by any other mountain of evidence. Won in Giveaway; review to come.

Gender roles in society are supposedly natural and pre-ordained and we should learn to like them and love them. Jun 03, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: Fine also discusses non-neuroimaging evidence cited as support for innate differences between the sexes. Nearly 20 years ago I studied sociology at a feminist, Marxist university. You can’t raise or measure children in a societal vacuum. Pinker may joke that only childless people believe in the if construction of gender — but I think it is very hard to argue that gender is not the most reinforced division in human societies.

Delusions of Gender – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She has the expertise to check the research references cited by academic as well as popular books on the subject, and she has the clarity and wit to impart her findings to the lay reader.

A study of preschoolers found that boys who wouldn’t play with dolls at school would play with them at home, where the peer group wasn’t present to enforce the “rules.

This book contains a long section on what is becoming a particularly fascinating area of research for me — called stereotype threat. This book argues against the claim that women and men have different brains and that this difference causes women to be significantly better or worse at some things and men significantly better or worse at others.

Retrieved August 24, While I already knew much of what Fine explains or alludes to, I learned more things and even had my own unconscious biases checked at some points. CVs with female names are rated lower and receive fewer responses than identical ones with male names. A detailed but informal look at the pervasive power of gender stereotypes, backed by science. To be fair, my mother’s the exception, one of those who really did like doing stuff like that, a trait I have most certainly neither inherited nor acquired.

It’s a discussion of the way that preconceived biases and social cues CREATE difference or the illusion of difference between men and women read: Belonging to a group – such as a gender group – is a powerful motivator to stay within that group and adhere to its norms.

It’s a discussion of …more It’s really neither – while she doesn’t touch on trans folks at all, the book is absolutely the opposite of gender essentialist. Statistics can be very misleading when taken out of context.


Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences by Cordelia Fine

Halpernco-author of the article “The Science of Sex Differences in Mathematics and Science” [15] that Fine criticizes in Delusions of Gender, reviewed the book and concluded that it was “strongest in exposing research conclusions that are closer to fiction than science I’m impressed with this book.

Delusions of Gender is split into three sections, all of which argue the same thing: Some of it was pretty persuasive and really made me think.

I think the narration made this particularly cringe-worthy–the sneer when describing a competing theory, or the pompus and self-important voice used when quoting an opponent were particularly off-putting. This explains the choice of word in the subtitle – neurosexism – but it is the sort of thing that irritated me as I read this – I don’t like the current style of pop science where impartiality is a positive defect.

Simply reminding a candidate that she is a woman drastically reduces her score on a maths test, demonstrating an effect called ‘stereotype threat’ which is amazingly easy to remove – including an introduction to a test telling participants that ‘in ten years of data-gathering, no gender-related performance difference has been found’ dramatically boosts the performance of women and girls. Still, I found it interesting, well-researched the author has a knack for presenting scientific research in an accessible way, even if the empiricist in me would prefer more hard data – but bibliographical information provided is exceptional!

And laugh-out-loud funny in quite a few places. Even if something is typical, that doesn’t mean it’s necessary or inevitable. Armed with penetrating insights, a rapier wit, and a slew of carefully researched facts, Fine lowers her visor, lifts her lance, and attacks this idea full-force. The male brain is predominantly hard-wired for understanding and building systems. So while men are off hunting and thereby using their aggression to bring home the bacon, women are pacifying the kids with their delightful socialising skills so suited to recognising the emotional needs of others and cleaning the cave.

Delusions of Gender – Icon Books

Homosexuality is innate in some individuals. All the way up there. I couldn’t disagree more. Not to be missed. An argument this book uses over and over again is: Finally, she puts it all together, along delhsions research from many other areas, in a way that is dryly amusing, occasionally snarky, but I think probably very clear even for those who don’t read medical journals for work.

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