Efecto del Cultivo e Incorporacion de Tagetes erecta L. Sobre la Poblacion e Infeccion de Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood en Chile ( Capsicum. Start Page: All titles: ” Cultivo del marigold: efecto en el control de nematodos “. ” Effect of nematode control when growing marigolds [Tagetes erecta, Chile]. Establecimiento de métodos de propagación para el cultivo de especies vegetales . The genus Tagetes is native to the New World and the species T. erecta.

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Therefore, keeping marigold rows close to the onion field results in higher diversity and abundance of natural enemies than when the attractive species is kept far from onion plants.

Direct differentiation of shoot buds cultlvo leaf segments of white marigold Tagetes erecta L. It can be concluded that more complex propagation methods may be needed for this species in order to obtain more satisfactory results. In general, the average rooting percentage observed for the two evaluated accessions of L. The variables evaluated at the end of two months ee the four accessions are summarized in Tab. Among the insect pests causing yield losses in onion production in Brazil, the onion thrips, Thrips tabaci Lind.

English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. According to Sampaio et al. The results of this study are similar to other reports in other plant species such as the Atlantic white cedar Chamaecyparis thyoides [L.

However, the efficacy of such plant extracts has not been proved yet, and it was observed that they do negatively affect natural enemies. Schiavon, Diane Bender Almeida Published: The use of this plant may contribute to management of onion pests, mainly the thrips, because the increase of the number of predators would promote lowering costs in pest control, thus, turning the organic onion crop more sustainable.

The genus Tagetes is native to the New World and the species T.

This is in accordance with previous frecta. This is due to a higher number of T. Phytophagous insect abundance, however, was greater far from than near to marigold strips, In this field there is a positive effect of marigold rows on natural enemy abundance and negative effect on pest insect abundance. Establishing propagation methods for promising cultiivo species is important because there may be some relationship between the propagation method and cultural practices used and the yield and composition of essential oils and other chemical compounds.


Seedlings were then transplanted to the field two months later to establish stock plants. The diversity index H’ was higher at 5 m from the marigold strip, indicating that dominance of species is slightly lower than at 30 m from the marigold strip. The higher percentage of rooting observed in this study in the absence of exogenous hormone could be due to the accumulation of endogenous auxins that promote root initiation Tzgetes et al.

This is an indication that few phytophagous species were found at both plant species, except for A. First of all, the calculated collection curve indicated that the samples taken from onion crop were enough to collect the majority of species present in the crop during the experiment.

Concluded that as smaller the number of flowers, larger it individual weight, with larger consequent production of petals for flower. In Vitro Cell Tagetew.

Tagetes erecta – Wikispecies

Auxin effects on root regeneration of scarlet oak seedlings. It can be observed in Tab. We performed an ANOVA with the average calculated over seven weeks of sampling, showing patterns of weekly abundance but performed statistical analysis for the whole period of the experiment.

Conclusions The rooting of cuttings of L. Higher herbivore species richness but lower abundance were detected in plots near marigold than in plots far from marigold. In a previous study, several non-domesticated wild species of the genus Lippia from Brazil L.

Tagetes erecta

The role of H2O2. In contrast, the application of hormone promoted the number of roots in the cuttings. The same test was performed in germination trays with peat TRM7, with two replicates of 50 seeds, arranged in a greenhouse.

Species richness and Shannon’s diversity index were higher at 5 m from marigold. Pest management in organic onion farming is based cutivo plant extracts with insecticide effects. We sampled onion plants at 5 m near 30 m far and in the marigold plant strip. In previous studies, it has been observed tayetes an immersion time of 5 min at different IBA concentrations is necessary to promote rooting in cuttings of other plant species Frangi and Nicola, ; Struve and Moser, According to herbarium records of the Missouri Botanical Garden, L.


Taking into account these facts, the objective of this study was to contribute to the establishment of the aromatic species L.

The opposite was observed with predators, especially Stomatothrips angustipennis ee, Stomatothrips rotundus and Franklinothrips vespiformis Thysanoptera: This dominance of phytophagous taxa in the beginning and the end of marigold flowering periods, however, did not produce a great impact on the onion field, because insects using marigold as a host plant e.

Longer roots and larger root dry weight were also observed in the absence of hormone, but a larger number of roots was observed when the hormone was applied. Sampling began ereta weeks after transplanting when seedlings were 30 day-old, and continued for the following seven weeks.

Marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) as an attractive crop to natural enemies in onion fields

These marigold samples were taken randomly and at three developmental stages during the experiment: Lippia alba CA Tab. These curves may indicate whether sampling was regular and enough to potentially collect all species that may be present in the crop for the whole experimental period, independently of the sampling week.

This is confirmed by the similarity index between onion and marigold collections Table 2which reached In ereca, the accessions CA, CA, CA and CA showed better rooting percentage, root length, number of roots and root dry weight in the fine coconut fiber substrate and a higher number of roots with an exogenous application of 2, mg L -1 IBA.

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