Does anyone know about CSE TEDDS software? Is there a trial version I can download?. Hi all, I am the West coast regional engineer for CSC and I wanted to get a forum started for TEDDS – one of our structural engineering software programs. I have watching tutorial videos available on website to guide me. Tedds eLearning Materials includes, Creating custom tedds tutorial Tekla is delighted to bring you Tedds CSC Tedds).

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I have wrote a few calculations in word and I prefer it to a spreadsheet because you can easily find mistakes and it teedds easy to review.

If you are a current and supported TEDDS user, I have provided a link to our support group just in case you need an answer right away to a technical question.

Just basic formatting like a word processor and basic math multiplication, divising, subtraction, addition. The most complex one I did was a buried water tank essentially 4 retaining walls, plus a slab with openings.

Tedds 2015 eLearning Materials

I did like the pre-written programs. The RC design equations from BS always had this ‘feature’. One thing that I haven’t figured out is there a way to write the division formula as you write it in word or mathcad ie as fraction, numerator at the top and denominator at the bottom?

My intention here is to allow current and non-current TEDDS users to have a direct way of connecting with CSC employees and also allow you guys to give me input on the software itself since we develop our products based on that user input. Are you an Engineering professional? Long term user of TEDDs and can only say good things about the software, bit of a pain wth error trapping but apart from that its top.


However mine are usually pretty crude. The licensing fees seemed high especially for multiple offices and users.

I found it hard to get started with it and you can use the built in data tables for beam sizes, reinforcement bars etc. I didn’t need anything really advanced. One thing I particularly dislike about SE is that it saves the calculation in a database on the computer it is installed on, therefore you have to log on as the user who created it to open the calc.

It was a PITA getting it to vsc but it looked good in the end!

Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. Hi All, I have been using TEEDS for the last few weeks and I find that this software tedda really helpful since you save much time with your customised automatic calcs.

Of course do not hesitate to toss ideas around among yourselves, many tutorail can be answered in this traditional fashion. I am designing according to Eurocodes. One of their salesmen did a demonstration for us. It’s easy to join and it’s free.


I would very much appreciate if you can give me any advice. Its funny because that was part of the reason we bought to organize calcs better but we have not put the time into mastering the task. The built in forms UK version anyway covered most things and the output looked nice. If we ever had a problem or thought we’d found a bug, CSC were pretty prompt at getting back to us. Students Click Here Twdds Us!

Tedds eLearning Materials – Civil Engineering Community

A few example calculations wouldn’t go amiss somewhere on the internet to give people an idea how how to do things. Tedde have used Encercalc and StruCalc. Download Now Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting.

I thought Tedds was tuotrial island next to St Croix. Close this window and log in. Students Click Here Join Us! Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors.

Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. Easy to use, well laid out calculations and a good staritng point teddds calcuations people are not to used too. I have created some myself and even posted the results on here before.

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