English: An excerpt from “Credeasi, misera” from act 3 of Vincenzo Bellini’s opera I puritani, illustrating high F5 in tenor repertoire. Date, first. Watch movie and read libretto and translation of Credeasi misera, a quartet,choir for soprano, tenor, baritone and bass, from the Italian opera I Puritani by. Check out I Puritani: Credeasi, Misera by Luciano Pavarotti & Vincenzo Bellini on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? The Puritani “high F” from credeasi misera.

I think it sounds best in falsetto, like Pavarotti does it. I actually hadn’t heard some of these! It always sounds strange in a way, it’s so high in a male’s voice.

But, I don’t always agree when people call the note falsetto.

Where tenors fear to climb

All are clearly supported, and the timbre shift cannot be judged to credeask. Try to play two notes an octave away from each other on the piano, sounds unblended, doesn’t it? Now play the full scale from the lowest to highest.


I think the interval and the fact that it is so high, may mean that simply the tenor voice sounds like that when going up full voice. There is no way you will hear the “thickness” of a high C in a high F!

December 13, But Kunde is very good too. I didn’t know his name, but I’ll keep him in mind. Florez doesn’t attempt the F in his youtube extract, but he’s still the most interesting to hear – after Pavarotti, who IMHO owned the role. Alfredo Kraus really has the chops for that too nice extract with Freni. But is it an F?? BTW Freni almost steals the show with her high note at the end of the scene! Tsaraslondon Veteran member Posts: Lilas Pastia on December 13, Morigan on December 13, I read in the youtube comments lots of crexeasi opera fans out there!

I puritani – Wikipedia

Pavarotti’s F is in falsetto voice, but it doesn’t sound like a squealing pig. It does sound like a stunt, but the tone is still pure and supported.


Duval on the first Sutherland set is something else. Did you hear that one?

July 29, Lilas Pastia on December 14, I thought Kunde was very good, though the one with the piano accompaniment is clearly in fact Florence Foster-Jenkins and not the miserra named on the clip.

Yeah Mike doesn’t get angry, he gets even. Sarastro Full Member Posts: Tsaraslondon on December 14, Slezak Full Member Posts: The only performance I have ever heard where a tenor hits this full voice, and brings it down controlledis the old recording with Albert Da Costa.

He had a rather heavy voice, and it’s amazing he could even get up there at all, but mksera is THE recording for the high F.

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