Clouds and Rain (Clouds and Rain Stories Book 1) – Kindle edition by Zahra Owens. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Clouds and Rain – Kindle edition by Zahra Owens. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note. : Clouds and Rain (The Wranglers, #1) (): Zahra Owens: Books.

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Tain was like a guardian angel: When Gabe’s turns to the worst, Flynn is right there. Gable is a man not given to fantasy, or the softer emotions; at least, that’s what he would like you to believe.

Clouds and Rain

Feb 13, Jane Wheeler rated it it was amazing Shelves: Clouds and Rain by Zahra Owens. I loved it at first Gable would be lovey dovey one moment then all but running from the room and cold as ice the next. I’m hoping maybe it will be explained more in the second book.

It’s a struggle for Flynn to make Gable open himself for love, as Gable always wonders why the young man is willing to stay for him. It felt wrong and inconsistent ownes the beginning. Interesting that Gabe is more alpha however, he view spoiler [prefers to bottom although I liked how they worked through Flynn switching on occasion because he wanted it once in a while hide spoiler ] Haven’t read bj often and proves they can compromise and fulfill each other’s needs.

Flynn Tomlinson ha girovagato per diversi anni, facendo ogni genere di lavoro quando aveva bisogno di soldi e spostandosi quando non ne aveva bisogno. Bc N said so. woens


Clouds and Rain by Zahra Owens 1 5 May 10, It may have been and I missed it. Flynn’s has found a home with Gabe and works on breaking through Gabe’s walls. Flynn a drifter accepts a position at Gable’s ranch.

Clouds and Rain (Clouds and Rain #1) by Zahra Owens

Honestly, I felt like it took away from my enjoyment especially when I felt like Calley was kind of manipulating Gable into being the babies daddy while not actually having to be a daddy.

So far we are at the 4 stars part of the plot. I liked it, but I didn’t. I really enjoyed reading Clouds and Pwens.

But hey, owns do I know. And the poor husband she cheated on, well who cares about him right. They had some difficulties on the intimacy, trust issues and the amputation and I loved that the author explained WHY Gable liked to be a bottom… all good so far. Flynn and Gable manage to have such a connection right from the beginning, moving from antagonism through to love as the dialogue develops and Flynn learns more about the man he has come to care for, despite the odds.

I really can’t understand how anyone can sleep with a BF’s partner! Gable had suffered a serious accident in the past, though I’m also thinking the time lapse between the accident wasn’t I totally loved this book No words can describe how horrible this book was. Flynn is the younger of these two men, with an understanding of life that h I really enjoyed reading Clouds and Rain.

There was also the fact that the things mentioned in the beginning ended up being something different in the end Flynn says Gable and him never cuddled in owems beginning of their relationship which is inaccurate as they did cuddle, how they never slept close together before the accident when, in fact, they did and other things like that.

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Clouds and Rain is available in Italian! It just felt wrong to me and like she was dumping all her problems on Gable and expected him to fix them for her so she could be happy and him and Flynn could be miserable instead. The gruff exterior witnessed upon first introduction burns to a crisp as Gable slowly, but surely, reveals the steadfast, loyal and soft-hearted man within.

Maturing is all about letting go of what hurts you and move on been there, done that. Preview — Clouds and Rain by Zahra Owens. I enjoyed watching them build a relationship. Quotes from Clouds and Rain. View all 18 comments. There zahta enough plotlines that make me keep reading, including how Gable deals with the fate of his leg spoiler! The blurb drew me into this book. Apr 19, Candice rated it liked it Shelves: It comes from an old Chinese creation story in which rwin or sky, the Great Father, and earth, the Great Mother, are thought of as a conjugal owebs engaged in never-ending intercourse.

But even though they have some genuinely difficult moments, Flynn sticks with him and keeps a really careful balance. I see the ret-con that Grant didn’t know about the injury, fine whatever. When I read I like some realism and the everyday things are good for me.

Jan 25, clear skies rated it did not like it Shelves: Also, there was a lot of talk about Flynn not getting along with his father and having to leave his family yet nothing was explained.

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