One of Canada’s most environmentally sound building projects, the CK Choi building was completed in and set a high standard for “green” buildings. Figures 1 and 2: The C.K. Choi Building borders on a natural-growth forest on the (UBC), the C.K. Choi Building for the Institute of Asian Research was made. You are here. Home › C. K. Choi Building. C. K. Choi Building. Project Overview. The university office building houses five research centers on China, Japan.

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C. K. Choi Building

The building relies on natural ventilation with a few fans to assist when necessary. Native or indigenous plants were used, particularly those that need little maintenance. Building users have operable windows and control over heat in workspaces.

The narrow bbuilding of im three-storey building was derived from an early decision to minimize the site impact and to provide natural light and ventilation to each occupied space. University of British Columbia. Conventional grading rules were modified to take into account the actual stresses along the length of each timber so that those parts that had been repaired or flawed could be placed in non-critical locations.

As the construction of this project is finished, it is now those who will occupy and maintain the building who will face the next challenge of this project: The building replaces an existing parking lot and the dynamic building form capitalizes on the benefits of the different buildinng conditions at each orientation. The contractor was given incentives to find salvaged materials, but all used materials were found by consultants. Ambient lighting levels have been reduced to 0.


As well, the Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Institute, which investigates global issues of energy conservation, is including the Choi building in a series of case studies on the most promising example of green development. The graywater recycling trench contains plant material and in turn, microbial plant life known for their capacity to neutralize bacteria in the graywater. Air quality within the building is enhanced through the careful material choices: Between Integration and Fragmentation”.


Impact on site development was minimized by building on an existing parking lot without disturbing the large existing trees, which also provide afternoon shading, reduced heat gain, and cooling requirement. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s c.k.chhoi, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance.

Projected water usage is approximately gallons per day. Overflow stormwater is discharged.

Choi Building West Mall A standard open bidding process was used. With a broad geographic reach extending to China, India and South Asia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, the Institute conducts c.k.chi and teaching in policy-relevant issues informed by language and area studies. Based on a Building Simulation Energy Study, this 30, sq.

Reducing Impact and Consumption The component of this building that has piqued the most interest is unquestionably the use of composting toilets. The occupants of the Choi Building enjoy natural daylight to work in and percent fresh air at all times.

C. K. Choi Building – Wikipedia

The atria, windows and narrow floor plan also ensure that the CK Choi building has large amounts of daylight, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

As people produce carbon dioxide and everyday operations add VOC’s to buildings, the natural ventilation system in the building was designed to provide 20 cfm per person of percent fresh air at all times. Archived from the original on 4 April The benefits of composting toilets are significant.

The team designed the project, inside and out. C.kc.hoi resources were further conserved with Clivus composting toilets composting toilets and a greywater system. The building was completed in and incorporates maximization of daylight, reduced energy consumption, occupancy and daylight sensors for optimal lighting control, atria that promote natural ventilation by inducing a stack effect, ventilation strips under buioding to ensure continuous air change, double glazed windows with low conductivity insulating frames, exterior bricks that were salvaged from Vancouver city streets, 60 percent of timber beams that were salvaged from a demolished s building and many others.


Our BatchGeo world MAP shows the locations of green architecture, green building and renewable energy projects featured on Solaripedia. Instead the building washrooms were fitted with composting toilets [12] that allowed waste to fall down through a stainless steel chutes into composting bins located in the inn of the building.

The five identical curved roof forms reflect bjilding Institute’s Asian focus, providing an identifiable focus for each research centre without giving predominance to one culture or centre over another, and provide natural light and natural ventilation to interior spaces.

Features such as direct venting of the copy machines areas help to maintain good air quality over time. The levels of interior finishes were reduced to minimum: The significant amount of reused materials and products with recycled content in this building 60 percent of primary wood structure, percent of exterior brick cladding c.k.cjoi waste management by diverting materials from landfills. The end product is a humus-like soil amendment product that is rich in nitrogen and other useful elements.

For this achievement, B. Irrigation of site planting material is provided solely from collected rain water stored in an 8, gallon subsurface cistern and recycled gray water from the building. The heavy concrete building mass also reduces the problem of diurnal temperature swings.

C. K. Choi Building | AIA Top Ten

The end product is a humus-like soil amendment product that is rich in nitrogen and other useful buildnig. Institute of Asian Research The Institute of Asian Research IAR seeks to build knowledge and networks that supports deep understanding and effective action on a wide range of domestic, regional and global issues centred on Asia.

This combination eliminates the sanitary connection for this project. The new building, which houses The Institute of Asian Research, is not connected to the city’s sewer system.

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