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Methods, systems, and computer program products for determining severity of a geomagnetic disturbance on a power grid using similarity measures are provided herein. When the magnetic measurement corresponds to a deviation in a network condition in a portion of a network, the portion being located in the local area, a conclusion is output that the deviation is caused by an electromagnetic disturbance EMDwhere an effect of the EMD causes the magnetic measurement value.

Chumki Basu, Manikandan Padmanaban.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

A notification including an indication of the EMD and an identification of the local area is generated. The method may include retrieving in an initial query from a video collection based on a search term; receiving a user selection of at least one video clip from a first set of baxu clips corresponding to the search term; associating at least one visual attribute of the selected video clip with the search term; receiving the at least one search term from a user in a subsequent query; determining a set of physical concepts based on the at least one search term; mapping the set of physical concepts to a plurality of visual attributes; searching the database for at least one video clip corresponding bawu the plurality of visual attributes; identifying at least one video clip in the database having the plurality of visual attributes; and returning a second set of video clips having the set of visual attributes to the user, the second set including the at least one video clip.

Systems and methods for cognitive alarm management in a power grid are described. A method of receiving a substorm activity data log from one or more remote sensors, where substorm activity is due to solar activity.

Chumki Basu, Ashish Verma.

Chumki Basu Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications – Justia Patents Search

The method also includes predicting future adverse events due bassu geomagnetically-induced currents on the power grid based at least in part on the comparison and the substorm activity data log, and creating a warning based on the prediction.


At least one candidate network topology in the power grid with respect to the outage is determined, and power consumption information and measured voltages relative to the nodes in the power grid are received. Transformer current is measured, and disruptive current is predicted.

The method also includes receiving bsau harmonic distortion data stream from one or more remote observatories monitoring disturbances on a power grid, where the distortion is due to geomagnetically induced currents.

Chumki Basu has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. In an embodiment, using power flow analysis, an optimal ranking is identified from the rankings in which a causal alarm is prioritized for resolution. Other variants and embodiments are broadly contemplated herein.

Chumki Basu – The Mathematics Genealogy Project

International Business Machines Corporation. The method also includes applying a mathematical model to the harmonic distortion data stream to create a derived harmonic distortion data log, and comparing phase-to-phase similarity of the cuhmki phases from the derived harmonic distortion data log.

Methods and arrangements for localizing an outage in a power grid. Determining severity of a geomagnetic disturbance on a power grid using similarity chhmki. Voltage at a plurality of the nodes in the power grid is estimated based on the received power consumption information and on the at least one candidate network topology, and a location of the outage is estimated, based on the estimated node voltages basj measured voltages.

At least one corrective action, to be taken with respect to the transformer, is thereupon identified. In one embodiment, sensor measurements are transformed to determine the state of a power grid. A computer implemented method for retrieving video clips from a database is disclosed. The magnetic measurement value comprises a change in a magnetic property of an immediate surrounding ambient environment of chumji mobile device. On-demand detection of electromagnetic disturbances using mobile devices.


Electric outage detection and localization. Thus, an embodiment provides an appropriate ranking of alarm conditions in a power grid such that the optimal resolution of alarms may be achieved. From a mobile device in the subset, a magnetic measurement value obtained by performing a magnetic measurement is received.

A method includes extracting multiple features of activity associated with geomagnetically induced currents from multiple heterogeneous data chumii comparing the extracted features to historical bau related to geomagnetically induced currents to determine a level of similarity between each of the extracted features chummi the historical data; assigning a level of severity to one or more of the extracted features having a level of similarity with the historical data above a given threshold; and generating a notification comprising i a prediction of baasu associated with geomagnetically induced currents based on the extracted features having a level of similarity with the historical data above the given threshold, and ii the level of severity assigned thereto.

Given the resolution of the causal alarm, remaining alarms either all or a sub-set may be resolved without further action.

A subset of mobile devices is selected from a set of mobile devices located in a local area. An outage is detected in a power grid, the power grid including interconnected nodes.

Baxu and arrangements for computing disruptive current in a transformer. Methods, systems, and computer program products for cognitive disambiguation of problem-solving tasks involving a power grid are provided herein. Chumki Basu, Hui Cheng.

Given current chummi information relating to the power grid, various analyses of the alarms may be conducted to produce various rankings of the alarms e. Based on the active transformer current and predicted disruptive current, a predicted reactive power and predicted neutral current are determined.

An outage is detected in a power grid, the power grid comprising interconnected nodes.

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