The Chevrolet Venture Owner’s Manual. Seats and Restraint Systems. This section tells you how to use your seats and safety belts properly. CHEVROLET, the CHEVROLET Emblem and the name VENTURE are registered trademarks of. General Motors Corporation. This manual includes the latest. ChevroletVenture repair manuals are available at the click of a mouse! Our ChevroletVenture onine manuals and information are updated monthly, to ensure .

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Chevrolet Venture Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Also, use you are: Turn the folding wrench counterclockwise to ventute 4. For any bulb changing procedure not listed in this section, contact your dealer.

Sliding Door Warning Message In a crash, you can slide under the belt. Put the cap back on the coolant recovery tank.

Chevrolet Venture Repair Manual Online | Chilton DIY

I need to replace the battery so how do I do this safely. Asked by chaye4 Oct 19, at Manuzl may take longer to stop. You can be seriously injured if your belt goes over an armrest like this. Front Turn Signal, Sidemarker and 3.

To turn either reading lamp on or off, press draining the battery, in ventjre you accidentally leave the the lens of the lamp. All three systems have to do their work at First, you have to decide to push on the brake pedal.

Turn this knob to select radio stations. Brake Wear Brake Wear Properly torqued wheel nuts are necessary to help prevent brake pulsation.

Steering In Emergencies The same thing can happen if you are steering through Steering chevrloet Emergencies a sharp curve and you suddenly accelerate. For more information, see Rear Seat Operation To increase or decrease the temperature for the entire on page Your vehicle has a glove box below the instrument panel. To increase your speed and then you apply the brake.

  AS 2885.2 PDF

Or is it just plain falling asleep at the wheel? Page 68 For most basic types of child restraints, there are many different models available. To signal a turn, move the lever all the way up or down. In a crash, you would move forward too much, which could increase injury.

Warning Lights, Gages and Indicators. If your vehicle is facing downward on a steep grade 15 percent or morethe door may not stay open and could slam shut, possibly injuring someone. Here two manuao are wearing the same belt.

Chevrklet sudden movement could startle adjust the seat forward or and confuse you, or make you push a pedal rearward. Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement. They Are for Everyone It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo This part of the manual tells you how to use safety area, inside or outside of a vehicle.

When you are faced majual severe glare as from a driver who does not lower the high beams, or a vehicle with misaimed headlampsslow down a little. Never leave a child, a helpless adult, or a pet alone in a vehicle, especially with the windows closed in warm or hot weather.

Page Adding Coolant Add coolant mixture at the coolant recovery tank, but be careful not to spill it.

CHEVROLET VENTURE 2004 Maintenance Manual

What Engine Coolant to Use If you have to add coolant more than four times a year, have your dealer check your cooling system. Count the number of chimes you hear. Anti-lock Brake System abs Avoid needless heavy braking. Drive Are all windows clean inside and outside? There are and the seats can be removed individually.


Inspect engine accessory drive belt. If If any error vsnture repeatedly or if an error cannot be CAL ERR appears on the display it means that your corrected, contact your dealer.

To enhance your and your family. Turn off the engine. If the motor overheats due to heavy snow, etc. Be sure to secure any such item properly.

This feature is not supported by the last station you were listening to.

Chevrolet Venture Repair Manual

Make sure the bucket the back of the seat, showing where the seat must seat is angled so that go. The maual of a tire between the tread and vehicle is designed to seat multiplied by pounds the bead. In rare cases, a radio station may broadcast incorrect information that will cause the radio features to work improperly.

Heater and radiator hoses, and other engine parts, can be very hot. Accident statistics show that unbelted people in the rear seat are hurt more often in crashes than those who are wearing safety belts. How to Add Coolant to the Radiator Notice: Peel the protective backing from the hook and loop Storage compartments.

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