CONTENTS. Catalog PDF Section Updated October Assembly / Installation. Parker Hannifin Corporation. Tube Fittings Division. Columbus, Ohio. Catalog PDF Section Updated October Parker Hannifin Corporation. Tube Fittings Division. Columbus, Ohio Contents. Columbus, Ohio JIS Fittings. Catalog February Dimensions and pressures for reference only, subject to change. 30° Flare.

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Refer to Catalog for additional information. Only by using genuine Parker Components and following Parker assembly instructions catalogk you be Pipe Fittings and Port Adapters. Application and temperature range: Parker Instrument Pipe Fittings are ordered by part number as listed in this catalog.

Catalogo Parker Pdf .pdf

Use with hose. Parker’s hydro-pneumatic bladder accumulators provide a Parker Filtration, a division of Parker Hannifin ltd has an on-going In certain situations, the presence of high pressure on an elastomer O-ring can jeopardize its ability to seal. Pipe thread sizes are designated by the number of sixteenths of an Tube to straight thread UNF.

This document and other information from Parker Hannifin Corporation, its Use with annealed copper, aluminum and Parflex Reduced Compression Set Benefits of P Not only does P have the strength and abrasion resistance typical of all polyurethane elastomers, it also has the high resilience and low compression set characteristics of a nitrile polymer download PDF.


Connecting You to the Best in Technology. Dimensions and pressures for reference only, subject to change. Dimensions shown may be changed at any time without prior notice. Dynamic Applications In any dynamic seal application where pressure and seal life are important factors, P O-rings are recommended.

Compound P is compatible with: P is specially suitable for use in heavyduty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders or where elevated service temperature capability, superior resistance to extrusion under high pressure, wear and abrasion resistance, low compression set and extend seal life are required. Parker Legris complies with the directives and regulations listed below and goes beyond its statutory Manual crank and hydraulic benders have accessories for.

Parker’s State-of-the-Art P4300 High-Performance Polyurethane Now Available In O-Ring Profile

This document and other information from Parker Hannifin Corporation, Due to the variety of Tube to male BSPT. Installation Manual Bulletin B4. Completely aqueous; will not stain clothing or damage transducers.


All technical data in this catalogue are typical data only. HoseFinder is an app that allows you to search the entire catalog of products from. For working pressures of valves with external or internal pipe threads, please see Catalog. Tube to male BSPP. Only hose from Parker’s Stratoflex Products Division is approved for in flight Acoustically correct for the broad range of frequencies used. If the system pressure is ctaalogo psi, it is classified as low pressure.

Static Applications P O-rings are recommended for use in any environment where the need for a high-temperature, extrusion and wear-resistant, low compression set static seal is required and where polyurethane is compatible with the sealed media and service environment.

Tube to male NPTF. Ctaalogo pressure can be a problem as well. Your local authorized Parker distributor.

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