Web de l’escola Alcalde Fabregat de Benassal(L’Alt Maestrat). calendario escolar aragon 14 pdf viewer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for calendario escolar aragon 14 pdf viewer. Nos vemos en el Consejo Escolar. Quizás también le . SOMOS COLE CREA SOMOS COLE CALENDARIO ESCOLAR CALENDARIO.

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The guide showed the pupils how telescopes work when observing the sun. We enjoyed a lot the trip. Then we visited medieval Roda bridge. The song was spooky and at the end we gave a candy for each of them. Se puede consultar el horario, calificaciones, faltas de asistencia, incidencias de sus hijos, We learnt, played and discovered too many things about the canal that provide water to Almacelles.

There is an ancient Roman village and Thermal baths.

Our school will develop all the excursions about environment in Primary 3rd cycle in English, in coherence with the fact of teaching pupils of this cycle some sessions of science in English. We saw Capella qragon bridge and there we had breakfast in a park by the river. Wake Up yet, you can now do it: Ver en la WEB.

We had lunch near Barasona Reservoir.

The next stop was in St Anna Dam. They are two amazing structures that maintain the water level. On the way to the Swimming Pools we observed the different trees we found in the streets, present too in the gardens to visit, to encourage their scientific aragoj and observation attitudes. El acto de entrega de premios tuvo lugar lugar en Madrid el pasado 22 de septiembre.


I per celebrar-ho hem realitzat un mural molt xulo. Si quieres colaborar puedes traer preferentemente estos alimentos: Curso 24 de junio: Entrevista en la Cadena SER. When we got to the Swimming Pools they could identify some of trees that had already seen escloar the power point projection or in the street observation with not much difficulty.

While we were coming cslendario home, we stopped at Perera Aqueduct and Sosa siphon. Foto 1 Foto 2. Wake Up yet, you can now do it:. Del 31 de enero al 7 de febrero: And we want to celebrate it making a beautifulposter.


The coordinator prepared too some computing activities to exploit escollar contents of the excursion and to make easier to remember the names of plants associated to clear pictures of the most typical characteristics of any type of tree or bush.

It is a Roman settle. La setena va ser una breu parada a la primera petita presa original al canal. Si quieres colaborar puedes traer preferentemente estos alimentos:.

calendario escolar aragon 2013 14 pdf viewer

Pupils know in situ about two of the most important Lleida historical characters: Pupils had four different sessions in their English or Science classes to prepare the scientific excursion.

It has been a quite reasonably encouraging and successful activity.

En tenim de tots els nivells. We showed them the different characteristics of the interesting trees around the monastery: Foto 1Foto 2Programa. Everybody enjoyed a lot. We explained them the characteristics of Romanesque style cloisterGothic style temple and Renaissance-Neoclassical style entrance.


La segona, a la presa de Santa Anna.

To finish the excursion we explained the Planetarium: The English teacher prepared the excursion 2012-31 the classroom and pupils will have an exam about it, as usual.

We had worked very hard the four goals at school in English-Science classes, so the development of the trip was very quick and easy.

C.E.I.P. “Maestro Don Pedro Orós”

Entrega de premios del Concurso literario organizado por el Departamento de Lengua. If you have not watched the short film Despierta! Se recomienda no desprecintar los libros antes de confirmar su validez con los profesores. It was very interesting.

Dirigido tanto para alumnos como para todos aquellos interesados en la historia de Zaragoza. In a third stop we visited Ovarra romanesque monastery and there we had lunch and the pupils had playtime.

IES Huelin Málaga

In that poster we can read an English well-known sentence: In the afternoon, we visited Canelles hydroelectric power station, the pharaonic dam and the incredible stalactite-stalagmite gallery called the Black Cave.

On Friday, 9th May, Primary 6th pupils, their teachers, the English teacher and the town council archeologist visited some historical places in Almacelles: We had a great time and could see what we had prepared before the trip. PIEE comienza un nuevo curso. Enhorabuena y gracias a todos los participantes, profesores y alumnos.

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