BSFF Book. I am so grateful I discovered the “Be Set Free Fast” (BSFF) technique . My dear friend Bach shared it with me and how she. 5 billion by Brazil, SDR billion by Korea, and SDR billion by Russia. Directors agreed to eliminate the BSFF as it had not been used for 16 years, buffer. 30′ – Russia – The ‘Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles’ Award € offered by the ‘Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles’ for a French speaking Belgian film.

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If you feel like repeating a statement, follow it each time by your cue word.

The creator Larry P. Below is the link where I downloaded this whole book and also the procedure guide I created. Scan different body parts. If you find any discomfort, measure the intensity of the sensation. Do this by saying, I am now treating all my remaining anger, judgment, criticism, and unforgiveness towards anyone involved in any of the problems I have treated during this session.

After each one, treat the Global Statement. At the end of a series of statements, you will make one final statement, called the Global Statement, which covers all of the residual problems related to an issue.

Your email address will not be published. Then say your cue word.

Take a SUD level again to see if the discomfort has diminished. If you do, on a scale of 0 to 10, 0 being nothing and 10 being awful, how strong is the discomfort?

No matter how many roots are involved, your faithful servant will eliminate, or neutralize, the entire rusian at all levels of your psyche. You might also want to think about issues that you are dealing with and see how strong the intensity is when you do this. You can treat any Stoppers that you notice, but be sure to include all of the following: At the end ruesian every session, do the following: State each problem and underlying belief that you can detect within the issue.


After each statement, think, speak, visualize or write your cue word. I am now treating, in one treatment, all of my anger judgment, criticism and unforgiveness at or towards anyone involved in any of the problems I have just treated. There may be multiple problems underneath the statement, and repeated treatments can clear them all.

They will continue to be operative forever, unless you tell your faithful servant not to do russin for you anymore. Measure the SUD level of your discomfort. Multiple Treatments Treat as many issues or problems as you have time for in the session. My dear friend Bach shared it with me and how she transformed her life experience after applying it.

First, say, I am now treating all of my anger, judgment, criticism and unforgiveness towards myself for any problem I have treated during this session.

In the beff of cases, this is not necessary. Clear up all the anger, judgment, criticism and unforgiveness you have towards yourself for any problem you have treated during the session. Statements that, either consciously or unconsciously, you probably believe are true, but that it would be beneficial to russsian longer believe are true. I jumped into it and now I practice the technique alone or with a partner. This belief meant I always felt the need to condemn myself, my behavior, my past and my future and it was debilitating.

Some chronic issues have a body-based component and need to be treated with The Fail-Safe Procedure as if it were the body that is resistant to letting go of the issue. You may experience some memories of times when you felt inadequate, embarrassed, or ashamed of who you are. By deleting the negative energy around these statements, the positive or opposite belief takes its place.


Translation of “bsff” in Russian

When treating issues that you know or intuit are present but may not have strong feelings about in the moment, it is not necessary to measure the SUD level. Then say each of the following statements, followed by your cue word. You need never give these instructions again, although you may wish to add to them.

You can use one statement to treat all Stoppers. I was so embarrassed when other kids made fun of me. Fail-Safe Procedure First state the persistent problem for which you are not getting relief. You can vary the Global Statement as long as you make it allinclusive.

Put your attention in your abdomen. First state the persistent problem for which you are not getting relief. If this is the case, just notice whether the discomfort is strong, medium or mild. Do you feel any discomfort there?

Next Generation – Brussels Short Film Festival

Take a deep breath and measure the SUD level of your discomfort. You can turn these into statements that you treat by saying your cue word; for example: Then, tap, as you repeat three times, I russiaan all of you; I know that you were doing the russiann you could. Here are suggestions of cue words from myself and the book. Clear up any remaining anger, judgment, criticism, and unforgiveness towards anyone involved in any of the problems you have treated.

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