RFSL Ungdom and Forum för levande historia () BRYT! Ett metodmaterial om normer i allmänhet och heteronormen i synnerhet [Break!. Day of Silence: bryt tystnaden, Idrottssverige! Public. · Hosted by RFSL Ungdom Öst. Interested. clock. Friday, April 19, at PM – PM UTC+ RFSL Ungdom is the Swedish Youth Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Vi gör också metodmaterial som Bryt!, släpper rapporter och fixar .

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For sex education, this rtsl that schools and providers are less concerned with parental reactions than seems to be the case in Anglo-American contexts Alldred and David8.

Please send these beforehand. Homotolerance and heterosexuality as Norwegian values. This critique, as well as the one noted above about the desexualisation of homo- sexuality that has accompanied its inclusion in sex education, echoes the fundamental queer critique of sexual liberation agendas based in identity politics: A clean and simple website where the art gets your attention, rather than the actually rfdl.

This makes queer critique a particularly interesting starting point for discussing political challenges to good sex education.

In The lesbian and gay studies reader, ed. When pleasure is addressed in this way, coitus typically becomes the only sex act that is explained clearly and with reference to how erogenous zones are stimulated. On September 24th we will attend a lecture about trans history together before going to the V-dala pub.

Although teachers commonly express disappointment that the LGBT movement is less and less willing to provide tolerance pedagogy, the tradition of civil society involvement makes it difficult to reject RESTART and other newly developed programmes that challenge reproductive futurism as a basis for sex education. All have been really successful. In what follows, I provide an overview of contemporary Norwegian sex education, and discuss its primary shortcoming: At this point, when Nordic societies are touting their sexual freedom as a defining characteristic of their nations and culture, it would be a good time to test the content of that freedom through a sex education agenda that is explicit about sexual practices rfxl sexual pleasure.


The site gives you a good overview of their projects, but also an easy way of filtering out certain areas, such as architecture, interior design or environment and energy. Nordic societies are more vested bryy Lutheran Protestant secularism than the USA could ever claim to be, sporting near-universal Lutheran state church traditions coupled with record low religiosity Bartz ; Statistics Norway Teachers and health professionals in Norwegian schools can on the whole be assumed to want to provide young women and men with correct, Downloaded by [Stine H.

Samlevnadsundervisning och ungdomars tankar om sexualitet [Gender and emotion.

RFSL Ungdom

February 1, This week I moved to a new studio. While homosexuality is included in the national curriculum at all levels of compulsory education, the sexual practices involved in same-sex relations remain conspicuously absent from the education provided.

Changes are good for your mind and creativity. Pleasure, then, is discussed in the imaginary framework of reproductive utility. Sex Education 9 Religious repression is constitutive of the Enlightenment notion of secular freedom, she notes. Inthe Directorate for Knowledge published a new guiding handbook for sex education that explicitly challenges the heteronormative presumption of teaching, and stresses the importance of providing correct information about sexual anatomy Utdanningsdirektoratet Sexuality education and desire: Sexuality education in Europe: Kirke- utdannings- og bbryt.

Here’s a small preview of one of them: We have two fun events coming up. Furthermore, it is very clear in sex education how the purpose of sexuality is wedded to reproductive futurism in education discourse, and the social compulsion to procreation embedded in this notion. Queer sex acts bfyt been a notorious example of such practices, as has pornography, and prostitution.


april | | SFQ Uppsala

byrt Graphic IdentityBooks. Institutt for sosiologi og samfunnsgeografi, Universitetet i Oslo. As the relatively high chlamydia infection rate among Norwegian youth shows,6 added teaching hours and teacher competence are needed to achieve basic protection goals in Norwegian sex education. Halperin, 3 — I hope you’ll enjoy it! Finally, the procedure is repeated with added lubricant.

This time just to tell you about the brand new small website for my wonderful office – Himmelriket. PrintLogoGraphic Design. Subsequently, they are encouraged to rub the inside of their elbow.

Social Text 23, nos. While sexuality as a public knowledge system can become Downloaded by [Stine H. Warner, vii — xxxi. It also shows a heavy insistence on rrfsl about sexual beyt in various ways. Before the summer the band Vena Portae asked me to make their logo, a fun and challenging assignment that might end up as a tatoo later on They learn about the right to have an abortion, the medical aspects of it and their free access to abortions through public health services.

RFSL Ungdom – Stockholm, Sweden

This is partly the case. Journal of Moral Education 39, no.

The website is made by Weable and the collage image of us is made by me. Notes for a radical theory of the politics of sexuality.

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