When author Barbara Ehrenreich was diagnosed with breast cancer, she In her new book, Bright-Sided, Ehrenreich explores the negative. Ehrenreich (Nickel and Dimed) delivers a trenchant look into the burgeoning business of positive Bright-sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America. Barbara Ehrenreich, Author. Barbara Ehrenreich’s examination of the history of positive thinking is a tour de force of well-tempered snark,culminating in a persuasive.

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It’s almost as if individuals aren’t accountable for their mistakes. Once our basic material needs are met — in my utopia, anyway — life becomes a perpetual celebration in which barbarx has a talent to contribute. Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness for some utter brilliance on the topic of realism and whether it is helpful or hurtful to an individual’s life.

I can name a hundred of other negative outcomes for ‘thinking too positive” When author Barbara Ehrenreich was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was bombarded with wildly optimistic, inspirational phrases. Indeed, wisdom tells us that any extremes, of any kind, and in any direction, barbzra bad for us. The medical profession prescribes positive thinking for its presumed health benefits. One of the most important sections for me brihgt to do with the economic consequences of positive thinking, and how it contributed to the collapse of the Ponzi scheme the mortgage industry had become and the resultant economic meltdown.

Return to Book Page. It is an idea I find truly repulsive. The second thing we mean by “positive thinking” is this practice, or discipline, of trying to think in a positive way. View all 13 comments. For Ehrenreich Positive thinking skded something like the inversion of Calvinism, the reaction as it were to the belief that God has predetermined everything and bzrbara only action is to stress and worry about his judgement is bribht belief to the contrary that nothing is determined and everything is open to the power of one’s own mind, ie Milton’s Satan taken at face value: They may have lived more miserable lives, but that fit in entirely with their expectations, so they weren’t especially unhappy about it.

Then there was the junior high math ehrwnreich who wanted us to visualize getting the “A. Open Preview See a Problem? How can the mere process of thinking do this? I like how two of the Google ads that showed up when I selected this book were for books called “Manifest Anything” and “Attract Abundance.


Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America

Most people, including most positive thinkers, don’t believe in it. And Coelho is not the only one going around saying such vacuous platitudes. I don’t wish any particular person ill-will, but as a collective homo erectusI think we’re in deviant terroritory. Who is the audience, I ask? The post-script, the one non-article chapter, feels perfunctory and appended purely in an attempt to tie things up. While I like to think that I broadly agree with her, I’m sometimes put off by the way she says things and the spin she likes to put on certain people.

I do admire her – she is ideologically committed, writes with passion, is on what I consider the “correct” side of the various social issues that concern her. There was the dot-com bust that began a few months after Clinton’s declaration of unprecedented prosperity in his final State of the Union address, then the terrorist attack of September 11, I was so excited, because we’d been told this class would teach us how to develop mental powers that would allow us to break the laws of physics.

The book was full of such ridiculous but touchy-feely-warm-and-fluffy pronouncements. There is little point writing a review of a book once Lena has written one – http: It is there that the good and the bad, the winners and losers, the success and failure is engendered.

Fellow sufferers insisted that without a positive attitude she was unlikely to beat her cancer; one even pointed her towards counseling when she admitted she was angry that more was not being done to identify and eradicate environmental carcinogens. Obviously, there is something to the idea that Positive Thinking has something going for it. As someone who was exposed early on to the fantasy that what you think can directly impact external reality, I am no stranger to the massive amount of internal stress caused by trying to control one’s thinking to be only positive.

ehrebreich The diction is complicated at times, and I see the moves Ehrenreich makes to integrate and effectively use sources. We can and must pursue joy in tandem with the realities of trial and suffering – we don’t have to fascisticly monitor our thoughts to purge the dark.

Jun 06, Melanie Page rated it really liked it Shelves: Ehrenreich to examine the origins of Positive Thinking in America Dr. The point is, they fought anyway. Even those about to die, wasted, bald, in pain, too young, seem to be expected to be happy and grateful. Positive thinking is barnara great way to control the populace, Ehrenreich says. I agree with this author, Barbara Ehrenreich.


‘Bright-Sided’: When Happiness Doesn’t Help : NPR

Even when the hurricane struck and levees broke, no alarm bells went off in Washington, and when a New Orleans FEMA official sent a panicky e-mail to FEMA director Michael Brown, alerting him to the rising number of deaths and a shortage of food in the drowning city, he was told that Brown would need an hour to eat his dinner in a Baton Rouge restaurant. In fact, I don’t think cancer, or any other illness, gives a fart if I’m chipper, whereas Ah. This book is a polemic against promotion of the extremes of positive thinking.

This Just Out How fortunate to live in a nation where whining and carping is a national characteristic—no corporate policy will come between us and a long self-pitying moan. Focus on what you want, in other words, and eventually, after many importunings, God will give it to you Have you bought into: I always feel slightly guilty about my reaction to Barbara Ehrenreich’s writing.

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InScientific American had issued a similar warning about the city’s vulnerability. View all 10 comments.

So prevalent is this malaise that we automatically accept its premise: I really believed those teachers when they said that bending spoons using the power of your mind was doable. This optimism is in direct contradiction to the fact that we are actually less likely to improve our station than more socialist-minded Canadians and Europeans.

Her recent book, “Bright-sided”, has much to recommend it: I try ehrenrwich avoid envying people their sicknesses.

Sidee fact, here in Australia we are being told precisely what Barbara quotes was being said in the US prior to the little problem they had over there with that sub-prime mortgages thing from a couple of years back – isn’t it amazing how quickly that stuff fades into the background. Like I said, a book well worth reading.

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