Editorial Reviews. Review. An incredible ride through the corridors of consciousness, taking Brad Blanton has developed the simple concept of honesty into a pragmatic system — Jacques Werth, author of High Probability Selling. Radical Honesty has ratings and reviews. In it, Dr. Brad Blanton, a psychotherapist and expert on stress management, explored the myths. Radical Honesty is a technique and self-improvement program developed by Dr. Brad Blanton. The program asserts that lying is the primary source of modern.

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Sometimes, there is dishonesty in our demand for honesty. The twenty-first century has dashed such hopes.

It’s no wonder that when an authentic exchange occurs, the next time the two people meet, they will talk about anything but their real feelings. Asking someone we have hurt to absolve us, or confessing with the expectation we will be forgiven, is itself an act of cowardice. Otherwise I fear “becoming better” might become another way of perpetuating self-judgement, or the idea that you are broken. I was disappointed that he didn’t say when NOT to tell the whole truth.

If we don’t let it out and express it, we’re killing ourselves.

We strive for harmony here, not harshness, and it works for me. This book was like a sandwich with some really good meat between two very thick, very stale pieces of bread. Good relationship skills, grad skills and management skills are also dependent on telling the truth.

A neurotic is a person who incessantly demands that life be other than it is. It involves telling the truth all the time, with no exceptions for hurt feelings.


At the end of the book he talks about how he “created” a religion “futilitarism”.

Radical Honesty : How to Transform Your Life by Telling the Truth by Brad Blanton

Refresh and try again. No trivia or quizzes yet. Our decision not to express our resentment is based on a deeply held belief that our anger has to be justified, righteous, and legitimate. But if this author is advocating not thinking about what a person should be doing at all, I completely disagree. You let it come and go. Committing to being honest means constantly being present with your own thoughts and feelings.

The last two I blanon longer feel that way about – I feel too jumbled up and critical to enjoy creativity without evaluating the worth of what I am creating which, of course, makes creativity impossible. Preview — Radical Honesty by Brad Blanton. But the appearance of a successful life is to a successful brzd as the menu is to a meal.

It’s hard to argue wit Lying is a soul-killer. I tried the first level of honesty described in this book and I did not like what happened so I don’t know I guess I am not brave enough to let go of morality just yet but slowly I might get there because I do see the value in this I have seen how my relationships in the past have improved when I have done what were suggested in this book Brad Blanton, a psychotherapist and expert on stress management, explored the myths, superstitions and lies by which we all live.

Is honesty the best policy?

At a Moth Mainstage event inradio producer and writer Starlee Kine related her experience with Radical Honesty, which she labelled a cult.

And I’m not done yet.

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Dec 07, Charmaine E. In some ways it is coming to see that you deserve to exist. I am a lawyer, and I like my job. Some of the things that drove me ever deeper into silence about aspects of my thoughts, my behaviour, and raddical suffering not special; we all suffer, and it is one of hnesty best bases for universal human solidarity were merely specific entanglements, many of which eventually ended. Stress is not a characteristic of life or times, but of people.

It’s a minor point as it’s not central to his book at all, but it was something I disagreed with.

From a young age we learn that love, in some families, is a limited commodity. Maybe because my socialization as a girl brainwashed me, maybe because I am ‘too sensitive’ bla bla bla. He makes some pretty contentious statements about how deep this goes. If you have even one good friend to both people, to whom both can talk and who supports both in telling the truth, you have a great resource. The amount of honesty required is indeed quite radical. When we are less worried about being found out, we can pay better attention to someone else.

Not always in that order, though I put others last on purpose, because we never know others as well as ourselves, and our help is often unwelcome or gets in the way. Are you needing acceptance?

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