Bomber follows the progress of an Allied air raid through a period of 24 hours in the summer of , portraying all the participants in a terrifying drama, both in. The classic novel of the Second World War that relates in devastating detail the hour story of an allied bombing is a novel war. There are no. Listen to “Bomber” by Len Deighton available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Richard Burnip. Start a free day trial today and get your first audiobook free.

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An exhaustive and, to some extent, exhausting fictional account of a British bombing raid on a German town in mid At these altitudes their power-weight ratios made these planes very vulnerable to the condition of the degihton through which they flew. Aug 15, Monical rated it it was ok.

The raid’s two waves cause a firestorm that destroys Altgarten; many of the main characters on both sides die or lose those close to them. ldn

Ratings and Reviews 0 0 edighton ratings 0 reviews. This is a book that gave me nightmares aided by NyQuilland I say that admiringly. The unpleasantness of twentieth century bombeg and its wastefulness is a common theme from All Quiet on the Western Front to Mashbut it is far harder to think of other examples of war novels which do not just concentrate on one deignton. I love how the mundanity of the events portrayed in the early chapters starkly sets off the horror of the raid itself and while I have every respect for the bravery of the RAF bomber crews as does Deighton the book brings home just how brutal, cold-blooded and even murderous the concept of area bombing really was.

A structural bisection of lrn plane] occurred one and a half minutes later and two thousand feet lower. Deighton sets out a varied array of characters and communities, all to be affected in their own way by just one of thousands of bombing raids that took place during World War Two. And he did write a book about it. Falling from 16, feet at miles per hour his body’s terminal velocity he hits the ground in 90 seconds and makes an indentation 12 inches deep.

View all 3 comments. IMHO, it is a book about war that is decidedly anti-war. The bombs dfighton loaded into the Lancasters, the German radars “warm up”, and the fighter pilots adjust their night vision. The bells fell soon after that with a monstrous din. Mar 30, Matt rated it it was amazing Shelves: With documentary precision, he has created a powerful panoramic account of a bombing raid over the Ruhr during World War II.


Deighton was born in Marylebone, London, in Bomber is a novel of war. While briefly visiting his home in Altgarten, Bach proposes marriage to the young Faith seighton Beauty Society member who cares for his younger son.

The Deighton Dossier

The characterizations are almost nonexistent. My personal thoughts and bias follows In its emotional power it is overwhelming. There are no winners here, and I defy any reader to make their way through this and not feel absolutely gutted by the end. Leh night-vision goggles the crews had to release their bombs guided by flares dropped by scout planes.

Bomber (novel) – Wikipedia

An amazing and very wrenching novel. It’s free and yours to keep.

Not the kind of book I normally read but was recommended to me by a friend. It portrays all the p The classic novel of the Second World War that relates in devastating detail the hour story of an allied bombing raid.

A fantastic book, very highly recommended. I liked the style of writing. Once the raid starts, the action really ratchets up and keeps you turning the pages, one hand with fingers crossed, perhaps, for any characters you’re particularly attached to I became quite attached to Lambert, as may have been Deighton’s intention, since he and his wife are the first characters introduced.

However, it was the fate dealt to certain characters that I found to be poignant reading, characters from both sides of the conflict.

He also wrote travel guides and became travel editor of Playboybefore becoming a film producer.

Bomber by Len Deighton

Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. This could very well be the best book I have boomber had the pleasure of reading.

Deighton, known for his in-depth research, has given us a very realistic portrayal of both sides, the families of the bomber crews, the German citizens and defenders. A short list of the hundreds of characters would include: The instruments shuddered and the figures on them blurred. On the German side, Himmel, one of the best night-fighter pilots has stolen some medical documents that expose SS medical researchers using concentration camp as human guinea pigs in freezing experiments, so the Abwehr and Sicherheitsdienst want him arrested.

Even with all of this brilliance, Bomber did not make the shortlist for the Lost Man Booker. A pathfinder Mosquito is downed and the marker bombs it is carrying explode southeast of Altgarten; with little flak and clear bombing conditions, Christmas Tree marker pyrotechnics are placed over the wrong target.

Near the Dutch border, people in the small German market town of Altgarten are aware of the war’s progress but have not been bombed, unlike Cologne and other large cities in the heavily industrialized Ruhr. Bomber follows the progress of an Allied air raid through a period of twenty-four hours in the summer of Briefly, this is an account of a single RAF bombing raid on a town in Germany, written from the perspectives of a variety of major and minor protagonists, in the air and on the ground, in Germany and England.


This book was very detailed and had story lines on both the English and German sides, but had a hard time pulling the stories and the various characters together at the end. Bomber is far less successful as a work of fiction, and remains the nearest to unreadable of any of Deighton’s novels. The quality of the author and his writing style is evident in that you feel for every single character, every single situation, you are encapsulated in every moment, you feel the exhilaration, the devastation, the joy, the pain, the relief and ultimately at the end you fully appreciate what everyone in wartime situations go through, and the real power of the book is that this was only one tiny clippet, one day, one bombing raid, one tiny little bit of what was a long, bloody, devastating war.

The story takes you from the morning of the raid as the characters wake, go about their daily business and prepare for the raid, all the way through the raid itself to the end of the night as the bombers land and the survivors crawl from the rubble.

The book ends with an epilogue which gives details of the post-raid lives of the major characters. There are so many subplots and extraneous details which showcase the author’s knowledge of World War II that the power of the whole novel is lost. Characters which are hard to forget. Long before this, another HE shell passed through the elevator hinge-bracket on the tail and blew part of the servo trim tab assembly into the rear turret with such force that it decapitated the rear gunner. I would heartily recommend it to anyone who is an aviation nut the technical descriptions of the aircraft are fascinating, even to a relatively ill-informed person such as myself or appreciates well-written historical fiction, particularly about the Second World War.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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