If you are primarily doing bojutsu, Ultimate Bo (traditional and combat) . Learn a Kata/Form: Rather than just learning random techniques here. Bojutsu techniques The Japanese martial art of wielding the bo is bojutsu. The basis of bojutsu techniques is te, or hand, techniques derived from Quanfa and. Although bo staff spinning isn’t the first things you’ll learn when studying bo staff, it’s certainly one of the more impressive techniques. Like with.

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September 16, at 2: Here is a 5. Jujitsu, also known as Ju Jitsu, Ju Jutsu, or Jiu-Jitsu, originated in feudal Japan and was a perfect unarmed compliment to the armed combat of the Samurai.

Rather than just learning random techniques here and there, learning a complete kata will do you much more good. Stepping back in a defensive stance with the staff ready, will allow you to throw the most disruptive strike a forward thrusta hard descending strike the neck, ribs, legs; or an ascending strike to the kneecap.

This will create a more rounded motion as you techniqkes into the cat stance. For Sparring Bo and combat practice, you will need something that is safe enough for actually hitting each other with. Jujitsu translates as ‘the gentle way’ or ‘the way of compliance’ but it is far from ineffective.


Bo Staff Techniques – Black Belt Wiki

October 15, at 3: August 15, at 5: Hi David, Nice to meet you, and I am glad to hear that you are back into the arts. From personal experience having taught kobudo for many years and participating frequently in kobudo kumite that the spins and tosses get pushed to the wayside exceptionally quick when trying to use the bo as a weapon rather than a tool for entertainment.

More bo staff techniques than you can shake a stick at! I am interested in your thoughts on some basic techniques to use my staff in case I need to for self-defense.

Bo Staff Techniques

July 13, at 5: Very texhniques like a boxing uppercut, but draw the bo under first. January 3, at 7: You can buy the Ultimate Bo patch here: August 7, at 5: Thank you so much for making them.

Beware that some padded bos are simply a rod of wood, with a thin layer of rubber or similar material around it. If you are training to learn freestyle techniques, forms, and possibly even dabble into competitions, then you are going to want a lighter weight bo. This is not just a set of training videos, but an entire distance training program.


October 5, at 2: Starting in a horse stance, bring arms up over the head, and finish by swinging the front tip of the bo across, slamming the opposite end of the bo into your own rib. You will also receive get instructor support and connect with more students from around the world. Please clear a nice room, or practice outside! This does not feel good across the side of the head. I found part of a branch of a tree in my yard a couple of weeks ago.

I have only watched the first video about choosing the right Bo, but I am hooked on the site. Yes, we have a proven video testing model, where you film yourself demonstrating all requirements.

Bo Staff Spinning Techniques – Japanese Jujitsu

Have a blessed day, Michael. October 12, at 8: If you are very interested in actually earning rank and getting feedback from me as you go forwarddefinitely go for the GMAU Ultimate Bo student membership. Students are able to submit their chevron exam once they are ready, and have met the requirements.

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