Blaise Cendrars’ Moravagine assaults from the outset. Moravagine’s life begins with an assassination (his father’s), which hastens his mother’s. At once truly appalling and appallingly funny, Blaise Cendrars’s Moravagine bears comparison with Naked Lunch—except that it’s a lot more. It’s not all cold-blooded murder and nihilistic despair. After all, this is a comic adventure, even if the comedy often reeks with the stink of death.

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Isao Takahata makes survival the thematic core of the story, but he never degrades his characters or fetishizes their suffering. Cendrars was a formidable intellect as well as a formidable author.

He decides it would be a good idea to let him free so they could have adventures together because the fellow is interesting and a son cfndrars the King of Hungary. Refresh and try again. So I’m hunted down — by Paul Laffitte, by young people who come to my house to discuss the standards of high literature.

Staff Pick: Blaise Cendrars’ Moravagine – The Millions

The novel unfurls with Moravagine and Dr. This life globertrottering life was pictured in his book Bourlinguerpublished in Moravagine is portrayed as the next stage in human evolution and is above normal considerations I’ve heard that sort of superiority argument before; Master Race!! Jul 04, knig rated it really liked it Shelves: And doesn’t that about sum it up? Russia, The United States and finally Paris. Paperbackpages. View all 13 comments. Blaide last, the two friends return to Europe–just in time for World War I, when “the whole world was doing a Moravagine.


Maybe we are meant to have a little of both. U odnosu na ova dva dela-ostatak knjige je u senci. Everything was music to me.

View all 14 comments. The story gets far too plot-driven and I found myself wishing that the main characters would just stay put instead of bouncing around the far corners of the earth. The Best Books of This book unveils the animosity that harkens from our core as if the duality dominated our path of discovery. One touches the globe with a finger. We’re thick as thieves We part good friends.

He traveled in my place.

Moravagine – Blaise Cendrars – Google Books

The most generous and altruistic passions of the heart. At such times the traveller has two little rubber tubes at his disposal Through one of them he draws air from outside, through the other he breathes out air that has been used. That is a structure I would compare with Nabokov’s Pale Fire with its disparate sections of memoir, notes from the author, and other non-traditional bits of text, although the prose is nothing like Nabokov.

But this window was most often closed because the living spectacle of the glory of cenrrars great man, far from inspiring him, clipped his wings. The author appears to have no opinion on this aspect of his character.

The circles beneath his eyes almost touch the creases about his mouth. The title sets the tone; Moravagine means Death to or by vagin What to say about this. Click here to buy this book Amazon.

Alas, these vain attempts are and always will be blaisf the slightest effect, for woman triumphs over all abstractions”. It makes me feel less guilty about my hardships in the same manner.


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Moravagine is a quintessence of villainy, he is an bkaise of mental pathology, he becomes a metaphor of evil… Evil is indestructible and sinister pataphysics reigns… And what about metaphysics? Quoting a bit of Longfellow that Ludwig Wittgenstein considered a personal motto: Moravagine’s ‘manuscripts,’ the very hazy relationship between Blaise Cendrars and Dr.

View all 4 comments. His hands dangle at the ends of arms as long as a monkey’s” In this unprepossessing figure, first seen masturbating into a goldfish bowl, our narrator bblaise “the superb creature who was to lead me to a grandstand seat at a tremendous spectacle of revolution and transformation, the transvaluation of all social values and of life itself” and so he assists the superb creature from a psychiatric asylum operated by Doctor Stein who lives “exclusively on curds of milk, steamed rice and buttered bananas The barrels are very spacious, you can live in them in relative comfort.

All our philosophies, religions, arts, techniques and cendrarx lead to nothing but this.

Staff Pick: Blaise Cendrars’ Moravagine

They are caught up in the Russian revolution, go prospecting for gold in the Arizona desert, escape on a ship and travel up the Orinoco, where Moravagine becomes a living god to a tribe of lost blue Indians. Framed as an elaborate literary hoax – the overlong preface to The Complete Works of Moravagine – which are, zut alors! His work can be blaiae at The Cine File.

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