Here is the most complete single-volume collection of the writings of one of the great luminaries of Asian literature. Basho (–)—who elevated the haiku . to his lucid and engaging translation of Bashō’s greatest achievement, his famed travelogue Narrow Road to the Interior (Oku no Hosomichi). Narrow Road to the Interior By Matsuo Basho. Translated by Sam Hamill. Shambhala Publications: Boston, pp. $ (paperback). addiss_1.

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Last year I spent wandering along the coast.

While the rules make my haiku better, I feel, than they would be without the rules these rules require me to worry and ponder over each wordthe rigidity has stopped my writing over nrrow past couple of years. I listened to this audio edition. I read the first section in all of them and this one, by Sam Hamill, was my favorite by far. Be the first to ask a question about Narrow Road to the Interior.

So I patched up my trousers, put new cords in my straw hat, and strengthened my knees with moxa. This one is a treasure because of its size, the paper it’s printed on, and the design of the pages as well as interlor inclusion of many screen paintings. Many of the bzsho of old died on the road, and I too for years past have been stirred by the sight of a solitary cloud drifting with the wind to ceaseless thoughts of roaming.

Inspired by Your Browsing History.

Those who float away their lives on ships or who grow tthe leading horses jnterior forever journeying, and their homes are wherever their travels take them. Amongst those of old were many that perished upon the journey. Through his exemplary life, Basho demonstrates that it’s possible to be a truly saintly person without having to be an ascetic — So many poems about drinking and hangovers, and even a handful of haiku that delicately hint at erotic sentiments e.


The Narrow Road to the Interior (Basho 1644 – 1694)

Ultimately, though, words fail to capture everything from any experience, or fail to adequately describe all the wonder of the world, even though that does not keep Basho from trying himself and calling to mind his predecessors who tried to do so. Nearly everywhere he goes, there nrrow some shrine, grave, temple, or battlefield that he wants to visit, often because he knows about it from poems he has studied.

It manages to strike a delicate balance between all the elements to produce a powerful account. The Shambhala Centaur edition fits in th palm of your hand and, though out of print, is readily available on the used market.

Add to Cart Hhe to Cart. Very difficult to read. Tech Coach Drop In at Plaza. Also by Matsuo Basho.

Currents in Japanese Culture: I know so little of Japanese culture that I had no background knowledge to grasp to while reading this. Through his exemplary life, Basho demonstrates that it’s possible to bash a truly saintly person without having to be an ascetic — So many poems about drinking and hangovers, and even a handful of haiku that delicately hint at One of the great masterpieces of Buddhist literature — or, indeed, of literature of innterior sort. Those who float all their lives on a boat or reach their old age leading a horse by the bit make travel out of each day and inhabit travel.

Written more than years ago, this book is still makes for a good travel companion. Thd City in the Pendergast Era.


Oku no Hosomichi – Wikipedia

PoetrySpiritualityTravelWriting. Mending my cotton pants, sewing a new strap on my bamboo hat, I daydreamed. Over the centuries many basno men have met death on the way; and I, too, though I do not know what year it began, have long yielded to the wind like a loosened cloud and, unable to give up my wandering desires, have taken my way along the coast. Its blessing flows down from these mountains, enriching all our lives. This is marrow to be one of the great works of Japanese literature; unfortunately all of the allusions to Japanese and Chinese literature, locations, events and religion, although pointed out in footnotes, didn’t mean much to me and Inerior can’t really experience its “greatness”.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The starting piece was:. I am now inspired to write again.

Matsuo Basho’s “Narrow Road” (Oku no Hosomichi)

I think this book should be read a poem a day instead of 10 poems a day, so you can really sit down and think about them. What helped my reading immensely were the photographs from Google images. Utterly beautiful depiction of Basho’s travels through Northern Japan. It is unclear whether Basho attained enlightenment, but, in his haiku, and his other verse, he does aim at the annihilation of subject and object that is key to enlightenment.

This little book takes you on a poetical, yet difficult, trek around the shrines of Japan, a long, long journey undertaken by Basho in raod old age, with his disciple, Sora.

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