Tagged with Sangean ATSA. Guest Post: Revisiting the Realistic DX RadioShack ad for the Realistic DX Many thanks to SWLing. SANGEAN. MODEL: ATSA. World Band Receiver. Har noe. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Page 2. 5 6. 78 9. 8. &. ・. にしの』. A good friend of mind persuaded me to get the new up and coming radio company Sangean, and the new ATSA for $ then. So, I went that route and.

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The only flaw I was able to find was that it seemed that the previous owner had lost the screw on tip of the internal whip antenna and had placed a plastic cap on the end in its place.

These photos were from before the dipole broke and was replaced by an end-fed wire build from the pieces of the broken dipole. The inside metal bits are a bit rusty, could have belonged to a yauchtie and the batteries had leaked requiring a lot of cleanup.

One problem these radios had was that ribbon cable that stuck into that line of 803z sockets would corrode. Must be dissimilar metals. Slightly too pack in a suitcase, but good size for carrying room to room or throwing in the car for trips.

Weak signals able to be heard along with powerhouses. I had snagged myself a honey of a bargain!

Lives next to my bed. I was, with the exception of the 83agenerally happy with the receivers that I had. I particularly like the separate bass and treble controls.


Defunked it, and cleaned the scratchy slide volume, bass, treble and balance controls and then added some batteries and it works like a charm.

I actually preferred this to the simialr sized but much more expensive and full feature Sony icf I had at the same time.

I have owned mine for a very very long time, maybe since it was new. I’m happy with my new purchase.

Sangean ATS 803a PLL Shortwave World Band Receiver Radio

And then, I powered on both the amplified antenna and the DX I have tried several others and they are not in the same class. Tweaking up the preamp on my homebrew loop overcame that problem though.

About two pages in, I saw the Realistic DX I wish that that Sangean still made them. At one point, I had even managed to procure the much-celebrated ICF, which I loved dearly until it died a slow and unfortunate death that those with the know-how told me was beyond repair.

This is my favorite. We had a 20 minute ragchew. This radio comes with a variety of product names, but this was the first to evolve. As with any amplified antenna that is not a loop, this one amplified not only the signal, but the noise as well. No weak audio here.

Read full review Verified purchase: It was an amazingly reliable arrangement. New to Ham Radio? I quickly checked it out to make sure it was in good condition and was pleased to find it was. Can’t complain about the choice of tone since both able to choose bass and treble levels. I could never be for sure, though, because 803q unit was not equipped to decode those signals.


ATSA Radio Sangean; Chung Ho City, build –

aats I was ready to change that. I am using the dx with a dipole of approximately 70 feet now to hear Radio France Intl on khz. Now it was time to use this thing for what I bought it for: Radio Shack’s version was the DX If I ever need another one I won’t hesitant buying one. Don’t have an instruction book for it. Batteries are the only way to go.

SANGEAN ATSA Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

Ads are what helps us bring you premium SWLing content! Ast contented myself with the radios I had, still enjoying this wonderful hobby that I have participated in for so many years.

Contact the site with comments or questions. I heard my first Trans-Atlantic broadcast band DX using a DX and I’ve pulled in LW broadcast stations from Europe 803 just the built-in antenna during the dead of winter when conditions were good. I recall a tendedncy to overload slightly when using an Active Antenna, but that was easy to resolve and in any case, it added unnecessary complexity for a travel radio. This is my second DX

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