11, , 11/12/, Layout as defined by Ato Cotepe 38 (part that is due on 01 .. , C ELECTRICITY NOTA FISCAL/BILL (MODEL 06) AND PIPED GAS . SUPPLEMENT TO THE ROAD TRANSPORT CONHECIMENTO (MODEL 08). 23 out. ATO COTEPE/ICMS 44, DE 19 DE OUTUBRO DE Publicado no DOU em Altera o Ato COTEPE ICMS 09/08, que dispõe sobre as especificações técnicas para a geração de . abril 30, às PM. 11 jul. TABELAS FORMAÇÃO DE PREÇOS. em R$/L. Ato Cotepe nº 11 de 08/06/ – DOU de 09/06/ – Vigência a partir de 16 de Junho de.

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C for accounts payable vouchers and accounts receivable invoices P for accounts payable payments R for accounts receivable receipts INSS Document Type The system assigns these values: These values are hard-coded in Brazilian localization:.

Ato cotepe 06 08

The system writes the values that you associate with the items to register of block 0 when you run the Ato Cotepe 11 – Block 0 Items program R76B For the Payment process, the value for the Person Corporation Code field in the F table for the address book number that appears in the Payee Address Number field in the F table.

For example, you might set up a document type and special handling codes as shown cotepd this table:.

Set up the special cotpee code with three or four characters. Set up this UDC with the transaction nature codes that you use for the oil and energy industries. Quantity of the installments.

Codes Description Special Handling Code 0. IPI fiscal sto codes for taxable transactions have a 1 in the Special Handling field. The system would look for the value that you enter within the CO-MunicipalCode element. The Ato COTEPE 11 of file must include numeric values for these types of notas fiscais, so you must set up this UDC to cross-reference the alphabetic code to the required numeric codes.


Setting Up UDCs for Brazil

Set up this UDC table with the transaction nature code for services that you use for inbound and outbound transactions. The system uses the first character to determine the operation type of the transaction, and uses characters 2, 3, and 4 to determine the Brazil-specific document type.

To ensure accurate data for INSS tax reporting, you must ensure that the characters are valid and enter the four characters in the correct order. This table shows examples of resumes and demonstratives codes: For NFe transactions, the system uses one of these codes, depending on how the nota fiscal for a sales transaction is created: If your company works with fiscal notes for end consumer transactions NFC-e and NFe transaction NA Nationalyou must specify the payment instrument using specific values assigned to different payment methods that the fiscal regulation lists.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software provides some hard-coded values for this UDC table that you can use as examples to set up the relationship records that meet the requirements of your company. The system uses these values to provide details about the customer presence at the time of the transaction.

If PO Unique Payment is activated in company constants, the system uses the parent address number address 1. Nacional, mercadoria ou bem com Conteudo de Import. The values shown in this table are hard-coded: The system uses the Date Separator UDC to format a string of numbers that the system will use as a date. Set up send transaction status codes to indicate the status of the duplicata that you send to the bank that is responsible for collecting the Accounts Receivable invoices.


For example, you might set up the 0 as shown in this table:. The system relates a three-digit code to a bank that you set up. When the bank sends a file to you to confirm the receipt of the transmission, the system processes the files that contain a 1 in the Special Handling field of this UDC.

These values are hard-coded in the system:. For example, you can set up these document types: The system uses the value in the Postal Code field without the separator.

If PO Unique Payment is activated in company constants, the system uses the parent address number city. The value from the Discount Amount field in the F table. For NFe transactions, the system uses one of these codes, depending on how the nota fiscal for a sales transaction ati created:. Set up codes for messages that ctoepe appear in the fiscal books and on IN68 reports. Therefore, you must set up special handling codes as follows: The value for the attribute varies, depending on the processing options: The system coteep the values that you specify in the Description 02 field to determine the INSS contribution rate for aggregation and retention.

The attribute uses the value in the Postal Code field with the separator. Set up these payment types: Specify the size of the second line of the print format. Examples of these code values include:.

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