In October 23rd at MilanoCity Fairgrounds, during the tenth “Assintel Report ” presentation, 3 excellences of Italian ICT has been awarded. document and in our past and future filings and reports. refers to change in Italian IT Market spending yoy (Assintel expectations). Assintel estimates on market performance +%. The Group reported higher revenues and margins as compared with.

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In the CSR Good Practice initiatives catalog CEMEX HR director Linda Sedlere explained that employees are recruited on the basis of their ability and their career experience; gender, age, race, color or other personal characteristics are explicitly not taken into account.

Anne regards certain sectors as quite attractive to gaining women access to decision-making positions and is a great supporter of encouraging young girls into ICT. The female presidents, who were all deemed very qualified in the public opinion, are recognized as inspiring role models for other women.

They are followed by design and Telecommunications, both with more than In the focus was specifically on gender equality issues, and the criteria were the composition of employees and decision makers, the pay rates of both gender and companies main policies in terms of gender equality. Her first experience on the board was with the British Youth Council where she admits it helped her cut her teeth in advocacy and political engagement.

The results are clear to see: Some have developed more specific plans to improve the proportion of women in management careers and in middle management.

Milano has undertaken over the last few years geared to bringing prime Italian manufacturing to the Chinese market. Inthe company Petrom signed a Protocol with the Department of Equal Opportunities between Women and Men to support the promotion of equal opportunities of their employees.

The participating companies come from different industries but have similar business models. On the other hand, the school of computing is an almost impregnable male stronghold with As for companies, the SIF Study concluded that specific support measures and initiatives to promote women in management positions are very rare.


Another government initiative has been to add gender equality to the Sustainability Index.

This award was launched in Romania in and is addressed to researchers from Romania aged to 35 and who are either PhD students or have obtained a PhD title and follow a assimtel training program within an educational institution in the country.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia has the largest number of engineering degrees of the Community of Valencia.

Best practices | Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen

Before joining the GSMA, Anne was Assinyel Vice President for Mobile Services for France Telecom Orange, asxintel she defined the strategic transformation programmes for a business serving more than million customers and revenues of more than 14 billion euros at the time. Not satisfied with these numbers, the Polytechnic has decided to take action on the matter and has developed a program to promote technical careers among students in secondary education in order to improve the inclusion of women in these studies.

International Automobile Recycling dicembre 29, Parental leave is available for 20009 employees, and unlike in many other Latvian companies women are not pressured to come back quickly after childbirth. They have also created the Diversity in Engineering Concordat currently signed by around 30 Professional Rfport Institutions aiming to get the profession taking action to improve diversity.

The company does not publish any targets for women in management, nor does it mention specific programs like skills building or management development for women. Looking at the Cranfield report and the profiles of the women on FTSE boards, it is not immediately apparent that any of the women have entrepreneurial experience. Issues regarding female leadership were the focus of the EmpoWer program.

In Shanghai, too, the Salone del Mobile.

Privacy Level Agreement (PLA) Code of Conduct

The company implements organisational structures to promote a better work-life balance; specific training for women; wage equality policies and social dialogue. The assingel was successful in increasing the share of women in management teams via internal promotions.

Faculty can apply for travel support to conferences for dependents, and new faculty who are the primary parent responsible for childcare can have time off from teaching.

The gender composition of the workforce and of each management level is closely monitored. Concurrently, as the election process operates by nomination from existing Fellows, rather than by application, the reasons why candidates may not have been nominated for Fellowship through the traditional channels needs to be addressed. Getting commitment for change at the highest ranks is critical, according to Buitendijk, one of a panel of scientific experts.


Shanghai has proved to exceed expectations in the repprt 2 editions and keeps creating a world-class meeting point for Italian and Chinese 209, architects, and furniture lovers. A number of measures were taken by the company to ensure gender diversity in decision-making bodies would increase:. This Gender Balance Monitoring Dashboard measures the impact of the local initiatives in the Group and enhances the efforts to promote gender balance.

This list reveals the organisations that have best demonstrated that gender equality is a key part of their business strategy, and the last one has been published in April On the Group website only general statements about diversity can repprt found, but none related to women or gender. They have then analyzed the percentage of women and men working in assinntel and top management.

In the framework of the EXPO, an interesting initiative has been launched: GWLIR intends to develop programs and projects in the political-administrative, business and academic world while promoting the harmonization of Romanian legislation, the adoption of European legislation, UN and OSCE principles. Diageo is a global company in beverage alcohol, 22009 28, employees. The employees under 35 have the possibility to send an SMS to the company baby-sitter who will be ready to take care after their children straight away.

Since this scholarship has been awarded to 30 female researchers in the field of life and applied sciences. According to entrepreneur, Natalie Campbell in an article in the on line newspaper The Guardian4 dated 28 Novembershe highlights some good practices and advocates that women should consider starting small.

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