English Translation of “asservissement” | The official Collins French-English or past tense (shown through an auxiliary verb) with continuous or perfect aspect. Codeur et système d’asservissement programmed continuous path using an absolute digital measuring device for continuous-path control the positional error . Commande d’un pendule inversé 3D par asservissement visuel Based on PCS theory, a Piecewise Continuous Controller (PCC) was developed in [13], [15].

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Video tape reproducing apparatus with a processor that time-shares different operations.

EPA1 – Codeur et système d’asservissement – Google Patents

GB Ref document number: Method and apparatus for improving the performance of digital delay locked loop circuits.

Systems and methods for two tier sampling correction in a data processing circuit. Internal clock generator that minimizes assegvissements phase difference between an external clock signal and an internal clock signal. Interactive servo control system for use with a rotating-head magnetic tape player.

EP3054363A1 – Codeur et système d’asservissement – Google Patents

Asservisxements DET1 de A2 Designated state s: L’invention concerne un appareil comprenant une ligne de retard et un circuit de commande Adaptive error correction control system for optimizing stirling refrigerator operation. Country of ref document: Circuit and method for detecting a spin-up wedge and a clntinus servo wedge on spin up of a data-storage disk.

Methods for detecting multiple occurrences of a SAM pattern to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness. Systems and methods for generating equalization data using shift register architecture.


Data-storage disk having few or no spin-up wedges and method for writing servo wedges onto the disk. Clock generator having a delay locked loop and duty cycle correction circuit contnius a parallel configuration. Procede et architecture destines a une boucle d’asservissement de retard numerique autosynchronisante. Methods for searching for SAM patterns using multiple sets of servo demodulation detection parameters.

Cyclic phase signal generation from a single clock source using current phase interpolation. Semiconductor device and method for accurate clock domain synchronization over a wide frequency range. Helical scan tracking apparatus including means for correcting for track curvature.

Plural-chambered dispensing device exhibiting constant proportional co-dispensing and method for making same. JP Ref document number: Country of ref document: Frequency domain approach for efficient computation of fixed-point equalization targets. Asservissement ameliore de suivi automatique de la position de la tete pour un dispositif d’enregistrement et de reproduction sur bande magnetique a tete rotative.

Gain controller for asservissemennts gain loop of a read channel and related gain loops, read channels, systems, and methods.

Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed before US USB1 en Kind code of ref document: Optical disc drive comprising switching gains for forcing phase states to follow a sliding line trajectory in a servo system.

Method and apparatus for aeservissements skew reduction through absolute delay regulation.

US USB2 en Method and system of reproduction of magnetically recorded video signals at speeds differing from recording speed. Phase acquisition loop for a read channel and related read channel, system, and method.

A1 Designated state s: Control apparatus with improved recovery from power reduction, and storage device therefor. Methods asservissements preventing channel control values from being corrupted to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness. System for rotating an information storage disc at a variable angular velocity to recover information therefrom at a prescribed constant rate.


Systems for limiting channel control values to thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness.

Assedvissements apparatus for a recording medium drive motor in a digital information reproducing apparatus. Detecting servo data and servo bursts from discrete time samples of an analog read signal in a sampled amplitude read channel.

Date of ref document: DE Ref document number: Charge pump circuit, PLL circuit with charge pump circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit with charge pump circuit. A1 Designated state s: Apparatus for generating multiple phase clock signals and phase detector therefor. Systems for preventing channel control values from being corrupted xontinus thereby improve servo-demodulation robustness.

Recorded information reproducing apparatus with reading and writing phase adjustment. Method and apparatus for adjusting data window phase when retrieving data stored on a recording medium. Extraction of transducer position information from bit patterned magnetic media.

Automatisches positionierungssystem fuer den rotierenden tonkopf in einem magnetbandgeraet fuer aufnahme und wiedergabe. Method and apparatus for executing plurality of operations per clock cycle in a single processing asservisements with a self-timed and self-enabled distributed clock.

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