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AS/NZS This joint Australian/New Zealand standard was prepared by joint Technical Committee ME, Petroleum Pipelines. AS/NZS () Revisions AS () has recently been revised and released as AS/NZS () with a number of. AS — Australian Standard. ®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 2: Welding. A. S. —. This is a free 10 page.

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If pipe is procured for a project where there are a number of suppliers or manufacturing routes or different material grades required, the shear wave acoustic velocity in the longitudinal and transverse directions shall be determined for each supplier, manufacturing route and grade.

See Clauses 24 and 25 for information dealing with arc burns. Although Tier 2 defect limits are proportional to wall thickness, variations in wall thickness can strongly influence defect tolerance. Electrical and gas general enquiries Tel: In order to meet this requirement it may be necessary to investigate and determine the length of discontinuities that appear on the polished plane of the macro test piece. Appropriate measuring tools and gauges may be used. Where a welder holds a Category 2 partial qualification and is required to qualify for a Category 1 multiple qualificationthe successful making of the appropriate additional test welds.

The material for the test piece s shall be within the limits of the welding procedure essential variables and the welder and operator essential variables. Any external or internal corrosion. These shall be taken at random, preferably at the end of a pipe string for least impact on production. It shall be unacceptable when any of the following conditions exist: In order to guard against corruption or damage to electronic data files it is recommended that duplicate copies be held.

Category 3 operator qualification An operator holding a Category 3 operator qualification may weld the type or types of weld using automatic welding and in the positions qualified, but shall be limited by the welding procedure essential variables and the welders and operators essential variables.


If either of these additional test specimens fail, the welding procedure shall be deemed not to comply with this Standard. This requirement was inadvertently omitted from the edition.

A pipeline that contains, or has contained, petroleum fluids other than lean natural gas but has not been purged shall be cut only by mechanical means. Welding onto pipelines with a 28852. thickness less than 4.

Discontinuities so detected shall be subsequently evaluated using the appropriate sensitivity and recording requirements as follows: Activities undertaken within the scope of this Standard shall be directed by a pipeline licensee appointed for the purpose of giving approvals as defined in this Standard.

Backstep welding technique for the longitudinal joints should be considered to minimize weld shrinkage effects in the case of thin wall carrier pipe. This identification shall be clearly marked on the test piece adjacent to the weld.

The same couplant medium and couplant delivery system shall be used. The heat sink effect makes the achievement of effective preheat difficult. It is recommended that preheat be measured at least 75 mm from the weld line.

AS – Key Concepts and Application – Australian Pipelines and Gas Association

Location A comparator shim shall match the curvature of the pipe and shall be placed alongside and parallel with the edge of the external weld with the grooves on the inside radius.

Welding onto pipelines that contain multiphase fluids requires special consideration. Weld discontinuities that would not be acceptable under the workmanship standards of Tier 1 may be acceptable to Tier 2. Test specimens shall be cut from the test piece by a method that does not change the properties of the test specimens.

This section now requires that all welding consumables be chemically assessed for boron content restricted to 0.

Gas supply network safety and network supply standards

ZnO-graphene as gas se Have appropriate gap setting. Tee butt welds qualify fillet welds as listed.


In addition to the above, non-destructive examination shall be carried out on all butt welds that are— i ii contained in pipeline assemblies manufactured in accordance with AS Changes have been made to the methods used for non-destructive examination and to the method of interpreting and sentencing the depth of gas pores.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment Vic. Weld reinforcement shall be within the limits of Figure Except for weld metal deposit repair welds, side bend tests are applicable only to welds made by gas metal-arc and flux cored welding processes. Longitudinal welds or spiral welds made during the manufacture of a pipe or a component.

The WELDNET – AS/NZS 2885.2 Review

For wall thicknesses in excess of 6 mm, the procedure shall comply with AS All transducers shall be positioned at the appropriate stand-off position and adjusted to provide an optimized signal from the relevant calibration reflector and gain adjusted to the specified percentage of full screen height. Burn-off rate is proportional to the heat input, divided by the square of the electrode core wire diameter.

The selection of wires for automatic welding should take into ax the information given in Appendix D. A flow chart illustrating these methods is shown in Figure 5. A typical welding procedure qualification record and a welding procedure specification. Discontinuities shall be evaluated in accordance with Clause The separation of comparator shims shall not exceed mm.

AS Gas pipe Welding_百度文库

See also Appendix D. The pipe thickness is equal to or aw than 4. These examinations may be supplemented with one or both of the following non-destructive tests:

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