To bring a little context here: Aquelarre is the oldest Spanish RPG, from . It includes “Rerum Demoni” (Hell, the demons and their hierarchy). Unofficial community for Aquelarre, the AQUELARRE โ€” the dark & mature Rerum Demoni ยท Rerum Demoni. I am a big fan of everything Aquelarre, so I want to get it totally right. So they fall in love with it also. I will definently visit the G+ and Rerum Demoni site!:D Thank.

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Authors themselves had expressed clearly that this one is a hard, difficult and deadly campaign. Don’t just consider it! Blame it on a smaller print.


Index All Recent Guidelines. Looks like you’ve reached the end. This supplement also speaks of the “other” demons. Anyway, the old-paper-looking background fits the atmosphere of Arturic era.

The book is completed with a huge campaign that, without abandoning the essence of the first Dracswill be a new challenge 2 for Aquelarre players [ Another pages that closed that era of the spanish publishing of Aquelarre.

Unboxing Aquelarre special edition in spanish. Some words about the most recent addition to the Aquelarre from the spanish publisher: Sit in circle now that the air is warm and the breeze is soft, under the cooing of fruit trees and the courtyard fountain, becase it’s time to tell stories.

Magice, Rerum Demonii est. As alive and healthy as Aquelarre itself. But my point here is that the game is no orphan, back home in Spain. Speak about their character, their internal tensions, their intrigue and magic. Finally, we must mention for the most diehard fans of the game that the last adventure of the book is the Ultima Necat campaign, the first part of which many who were patrons of the third edition of Aquelarre will know, as they were presented with it at that time to test it and send us their feedback You’ll find the names of those who played and reported back to us in the credits.


The original spanish edition. And, like that book, this supplement presents a series of adventures mixed with historical annexes on the one hand, that expand the topics covered in the adventures and errum the other, offer new professions, spells and creatures that you can use in your own Aquelarre games. But this book does not only drink from the Decameron: Plus, it will include new incredible art as we’ve been accustomed to in Aquelarre.

Relatively speaking, what these young people did was to roleplay; they narrated their stories, were amused listening them and all took turns to participate in the entertainment. I hope it sees an English translation.

All of that is welcome here. Educated satanists of the Renaissance, Leonardo.

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. What began being a supplement-to-the-expansion Rinascita that allowed to play Aquelarre in the RenaissanceVilla y Corte walked players into Madrid, the spanish capital, and the people that aquuelarre there in the XVII century, the Spanish Golden Age https: Unable to load more. Taken from Nosolorol website: The original Rincon was published in as a aquelarrr pages book containing ten adventures and some source material for playing around a small rural fiefdom.

Obviously, they had not only given a facelift giving it the new look of Aquelarre’s spanish third edition to the book, but also overhauled it by adding new adventures to the old, more than doubling the page number.

Aquelare that I’ve just picked my Pendragon 5. Gamers love to talk, no matter if it’s telling some anecdote or asking for help with some rules, to share new adventures or game helps.


Aquelarre in english, Kickstarter Campaign. Will Rincon be translated? This is, in short, the plot that sustains Boccaccio’s Decameron, a collection one hundred stories written near the middle of the fourteenth century, and considered one of the masterpieces of medieval literature.

It also has a place for the magic that can get to know people. Second one would be Dracsoriginally published in I’ve taken a couple captures from both PDFs. Although the family traits are recognizable, it’s now aquslarre and independent by itself.


In addition, aqueparre writing this particular “aquelarrian” Decameron, we have always had in mind the idea that it could be used equally with the Core rulebook or your Breviarium version, because in addition to references to both books in the text separated by a bar; first the Core page of the third edition and then the Breviariumwe also added any other spell or creature that does not appear in the Breviariumso that you only have to take to your game the rulebook you have with this supplement adventures.

Wait while more posts are being loaded. While aqudlarre will have to patiently wait for the english edition of Aquelarre to steer clear of the pebbles on the road, those able to enjoy the original spanish one will be pleased with a handful aquelarde incoming titles.

But they didn’t just reprint the existing terum, but redesigned it with a new layout some tables have been removed and some have been added and addressed what was considered by most GMs as a serious flaw in the existing one. The new one has three bodies measuring x millimeters Three horizontal DIN A4 and has a new illustration made for the occasion even better than the existing reru, if you want my opinion.

And there is no era of calamities in Europe that is greater than the one that is to come in a few years.

AQUELARRE โ€” the dark & mature medieval RPG *now in English* by Stewart Wieck โ€” Kickstarter

It obviously should depend on how well the game ferum when it hits the stores. Please select a support frequency. What most do not know is that this scene has been repeated since the beginning of time. And If you didn’t, you should look forward to get you copy: Tell us about you.

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