Andrea Hirata (born October 24, ) is an Indonesian author best known for the novel It also spawned three sequels: Sang Pemimpi (The Dreamer), Edensor and Maryamah Karpov. Laskar Pelangi was adapted into a film of the. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Hirata, Andrea; Format: Book; ix, p.: ill. ; 21 cm. Abstract: This Research entitle Setting in Novel Edensor Masterpiece Andrea Hirata. checked Problem go together this research (1) how physical setting in.

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Tetralogi Laskar Pelangi Series by Andrea Hirata

At the beginning of the term, assignments that I and we? Last week 1st week of FebruaryI went to Sheffield! This city can be reached in 2 hours by train and you only need to pay around 20 pounds for return tickets if you buy it in advance. You need to change in Manchester as there is no direct train from Lancaster to Sheffield. I have been wanting to visit this city since last term and my goal is to visit 2 places: Bamford Edge and Edensor! I arrived in Sheffield on Friday night and I started my trip on Saturday around 10 am because I have to wait for the bus which directly goes to Bamford Edge.



I took Bus No. The journey took around 40 minutes and you can also take bus No. After I arrived, I followed the maps which directed me to Bamford Edge. The sky was soooo bright and the weather was perfect.

From the bus stop to the hill, I need 60 minutes to walk. After that I have to walk to reach the Edge for another 30 minutes. It was quite tiring! I got exhausted but it was all gone when I see this magnificent view!

It was soooooo beautiful that Edenzor feel like crying! It was colorful eventhough it was windy up there. I spent around 1. I started my journey early in the morning this day. Some of you might wonder, what is Edensor?

Actually, Edensor is a wdensor village from my favorite book. The book taught me about the meaning of family, friendship and dream. Edfnsor of my favorite part of the book is: I wished to rove, finding my direction through reading the stars of constellations.

I wanted to cross fields and deserts, to be burned by the sun until I blistered, to be shook by the assaulting wind, and shrink from being gripped by cold. I wanted a life that was thrilling, filled with conquest. I wanted to live!

Andrea Hirata – Wikipedia

To feel the essence of being! I can say that Edensor from Andrea Hirata is one of the edeensor why I chose to study in UK, to experience the world and be a better person.


In his book, Andrea Hirate described Edensor beautifully. It is a quite, peaceful and breathtaking small village… And I can be more agree to this.

Edensor is a very small village with only 1 church and some little houses, yet you will find some peacefulness here as everyone is super friendly and always greet and smile to each other.

After spent around 1. I spent 2 amazing days in Sheffield. It is a very nice city and bigger than Lancaster with lots of food options. Living cost is cheaper as accommodation, food and transportation costs are slightly cheaper than here in Lancaster.

I highly recommend Sheffield for those who want to experience a bit of city and countryside experience at the same time.

Saturday — 4 February I andreaa in Sheffield on Friday night and I started my trip on Saturday around 10 am because I have to wait for the bus which directly goes to Bamford Edge.

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