A remarkable account of the amazing life story of the man who inspired the film Hotel Rwanda Readers who were moved and horrified by Hotel Rwanda. The man made famous by Hotel Rwanda offers a compelling and horrifying account of the genocide in An Ordinary Man, says Simon. David Smith on An Ordinary Man: The True Story Behind Hotel Rwanda.

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This divide is mostly artificial, a leftover from history, but people take it very seriously, and the two groups have been living uneasily alongside each other for more than five hundred years.

The history of a reluctant hero

Jan 16, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: For some strange reason, I tend to gravitate towards emotionally difficult subject matter when it comes to my reading material. The government controlled media play a rusessbagina role as well here. He hid people during an earlier attempt at genocide, in the s. I found the movie compelling and memorable and when I saw the book on Kimberlie’s list decided I really wanted to read it.

An Ordinary Man: An Autobiography – Paul Rusesabagina, Tom Zoellner – Google Books

Cover of An Ordinary Man: You cannot understand the magnitude. But I knew these men were like a wall of tissue paper standing between us and a flash flood. He notes how, in the hotel built for only people, Hutu and Tutsi strangers, many of whom had witnessed their families being butchered, would ‘sleep spoon-style just to feel the touch of another’.


The storm broke in Aprilwith the murder by missile of the presidents of both Rwanda russesabagina Burundi no one ever found who did it. After they capture the capital city Kigali, many of the country’s Hutus, guilty and innocent alike, flee in panic across the border.

All in all, this is a powerful story, simply told. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. He’s a living saint if there ever was one. What followed is hard to describe in just a few sentences. In fact, the pahl groups had been mixed for many years, to the point where almost everyone was really am one or the other, and the two were never that different in the first place.

An Ordinary Man by Paul Rusesabagina, Tom Zoellner – Reading Guide – : Books

No trivia or quizzes yet. His memoir goes further, charting his extraordinary career and never-before-reported details of Rwanda’s days of horror — and the betrayal he still feels toward the U. He gives us quite a clue when he te The title was, to pauk, offputting initially. It taught me how to be unyielding when I needed to be firm, and how to be gracious in the face of anger. Less delectably, the meals are washed down with water from the only available reserve – the hotel pool.

Read it Forward Read it first. Outside those hotel walls, mobs hunted down their victims and hacked them to oridnary with machetes.


This is a book everyone should read. What rusesabbagina happening there is exactly what happened in Rwanda, only at a slower pace. If you have not seen the film, read the book first, then go watch it. I had a five-story building. The Tutsis were being persecuted by the Hutu tribe for past perceived injustices.

Is there such a thing as a completely true view of history? He gives us quite a clue when he tells us about his childhood. Rusesabagina talks about how the genocide started, and what he did in order to keep his hotel running and protect the refugees. But he had the self control to maintain a friendly face and the endurance to flatter and manipulate as needed.

May 29, Lauren Morris rated it it was amazing. But of course genocide can never make sense, but at least the book’s history rusedabagina the events leading up to it. It went into great detail in a very distinct perspective. It is one I have used with my own students when discussing the Holocaust. An Ordinary Man 5 19 Jun 29,

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