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RUN executes commands as background processes.

AmigaOS Manual: AmigaDOS – AmigaOS Documentation Wiki

This command takes a string that represents a filename. AmigaDOS copies boot sectors to the diskette. ED accepts the following template: If you specify the source and destination as the same device, then the program reads in as much of the source disk into memory as possible.

If the directory you specify is not on the current drive, then CD also changes the current drive. This would make loading commands very quick but would leave little room in memory for anything else. DIR provides a list of files in current directory. If you create a new file, it will not have a comment.

Full text of “The Amiga DOS User’s Manual – 3 In 1 Manual”

In this case, the files and amigadoos are displayed with a question mark following each name. If you do not set the date, the restart disk validation process sets the system date to the date of the most recently created file.


The previous contents of TO, if any, are lost. If you type anything, AmigaDOS waits until you have finished typing before displaying any other output. Unless manuxl specify otherwise, the waiting time is one second.

Thus, you can make up a single command line of several physical lines that each end with a plus sign. If you type DATE before the restart validation has completed, the time is displayed as unset. To set the time, you can either use Amkgados or just wait until the validation process is finished. The initial setting is P4OW ED puts the changed copy back into the file when you move the cursor off the current line either by cursor control, or by deleting or inserting a line.

The one in the system directory drawer works with Workbench. In this case, you simply omit the keyword value, but the commas normally used to separate the keywords remain in the template.

Part 2 has the same organization.

Useful reference – The AmigaDOS manual – 3-in-1 – PDF Download

Obsolete and not available. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

AmigaDOS is the disk operating system of the AmigaOSwhich includes file systemsfile and directory manipulation, the command-line interfaceand file redirection. Navigation menu Personal tools This sequence is repeated as many times as required.

The arguments may be optional or required. To display the argument given. You can look at the directory of a different disk unit, if you have one, by specifying its name.


AmigaDOS manual

That is to say, RAW: Together these three publications, in this single volume, comprise the essen- tial guide to AmigaDOS. The screen displays information such as the value of tab stops, current margins, block marks, and the name of the file being edited.

To detect an unsupplied parameter value, you can compare it to “” two double-quotes in a row. To explain why the previous command failed. When you enter a command line, AmigaDOS resolves parameter substitu- tions for the keywords in two ways: This terminal handler also per- forms local line editing and certain other functions.

For example, if the first window has a prompt: For example, the contents of that freshly formatted diskette whose name we changed can be displayed by the command: KEY Argument template, used to specify the format of the amnual, may be abbreviated to.

This creates a new CLI as a separate process of lower priority. Insert the source data diskette into the drive. AmigaDOS sub-directories correspond to Workbench drawers. Scripts are text-based files and can be created with AmigaDOS’s internal text editor program, called Ed unrelated to Amiigados Edor with any msnual third-party text editor.

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