Allworx 6x Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Allworx 6x User Manual, Installation Manual, Release Note, Brochure. Allworx Corp, a Windstream company. User’s Guide – Release The Allworx 6x and 6×12 servers only allow one (1) conference to be active at a. Allworx System Administrator Guide Version ALLWORX * Page iii Revised: 09/17/ Contents.

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Additionally, Caller ID functionality may be affected as well. When the Welcome to Allworx page displays, log in using “admin” as the default username and password. Changing it to something more meaningful to the manaul or configuration is recommended Codec Preference Order Set the preferred codec order for the port expander.

Allworx 6x Manuals

Press the Select button. Answer ignored calls on any handset that is sharing the Shared Call Appearance.

Go to the line for the specific phone and click the View Configuration link. Click the Browse button to navigate to the location of the downloaded Allworx server software file from the Allworx portal. Fill in the fields in the SIP Handset section. An SIP Proxy is created for the central hub with the call routing set to Proxy is an enterprise server.

Enable the phone to dial specified digits automatically whenever the phone is off hook. Susan works as a receptionist at a busy office. The normal Ethernet maximum will suffice however lower values may be required depending on the service provider. The current active templates are used for configuring phones during plugn-play.

A warning message displays for any inconstancies such as: The system does not enable deleting the factory-provided templates. The additional virtual appearances are available only when the Call Assistant application is connected to an Allworx IP phone. If a remote phone is behind such a firewall, then this setting prevents the timeout. When using the Bulk Edit controls on the Handsets page, assign multiple handsets to Handset Preference Groups at once: Channel Assignments On a Digital Line, you must specify the desired operating mode for each time slot per the provisioning defined by the service provider or the device you have connected at the other end of the Digital Line.


wllworx The default value all digits is typical. Typically the default value is Once this configuration has been set, each slot configured to support circuit switch voice calls will appear as a new outside line. A number of functions are available by clicking port expander-specific links. However, when placing remote phones behind 3rd-party firewalls, under certain conditions the UDP port range may need wllworx be greatly restricted so that mapping rules can be created for each phone behind the firewall.

Allworx 6x Phone Server up to 60 Users Upgrades Available | eBay

Language Packs containing the audio prompts in languages other than US English are available for download from the Allworx Partner Portal at www. The default value of should be used unless the port expander is behind a 3rd-party firewall and the network requires a different value. To configure area codes: This parameter is not critical but having it properly set dramatically lowers the probability for a condition called glare where both the PBX and the Central Office attempt to put the same slot into service simultaneously for two unrelated calls.

Loss of Internet connectivity between the local site and the remote site at either end may disable the ability to place calls including Emergency calls. To change the configuration, click the Modify link. If a call comes to a server from a remote site, the receiving server will not forward the call to the same or other remote sites. In addition, some local calling areas require an area code to be dialed without the 1 prefix in order to properly dial some numbers.


The New Service Group page displays. Click the View link on the new template. Users can seize the line. Answer Yes to the confirmation.

Allworx 6x Manuals

The assistant has one Call Appearance on her phone for her own calls. Don’t have an account?

This key is not required for opening a single-user remote diagnostic VPN. Under such laws, the licensee is entitled to use the copy of the software incorporated with the instrument as intended in the operation of the product in which it is embedded. To update manually, see Chapter 26, Auto Attendants. Typically, this is unchecked unless required by the ITSP. Accessing Your Message Center Inbox Locate the Members field and enter the external email address.

Allworx 6x Phone Server up to 60 Users Upgrades Available

Yes No No Reboot Restart the phone. However when this checkbox is disabled, the phone station will not ring if the user is already on an active call. Configure Allworx Tsp Driver The following characters can be used: Reboot the Allworx server. Internal Dial Plan changes cannot be made to servers that are in a Multi-site network.

In most cases, this feature is not used. No user expansion is possible on 6×12 servers. Use the drop-down menus to update the selection, and click Done. Change the dial plan by clicking the Modify link.

Enterprise Dialing Feature The Enterprise Dialing feature enables a third party SIP server to be the central hub for calls between multiple sites that have Allworx servers. Other options are identical to those on the Port Expanders page.

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