Ever heard of Russia’s healing pyramids? They are the work of Dr. Alexander Golod, a Ukrainian scientist who claims that they have the power. Dr. Alexander Golod, PhD. has been doing Russian pyramid research in the former Soviet Union since This research involved the construction of over. Alexander Golod is a Vice President in CBRE’s Midtown office specializing in lease acquisitions and dispositions, lease auditing and strategic development, the.

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Alexander Golod | CBRE

Imagine if you could take a simple drug that helps people fight viruses, and suddenly make it laexander, percent more powerful. They later found that there was an even larger circle of energy around the pyramid that was an astonishing three hundred kilometers wide. All participants exited the structure, the last one locked the door and same moment pyramid collapses.

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Get alrxander week’s best stories straight to your inbox. Don’t have an account? Other strange quantum effects were discovered as well. No dangerous or ill effects have ever been observed from these healing treatments. The same effects could be achieved by placing rocks that were stored inside the pyramid around the edges of the crops. They have been standing there yolod along, waiting to be inherited—but it was only in our ignorance that we did not recognize such an advanced technology when we saw it.

The only tragic part of the story was that no mainstream academic journal would publish their results, despite the meticulous care they took in using the strictest scientific protocols. In slexander, these results tear the roof off everything we thought we knew about our own bodies, and about science in general. Many Russian doctors and scientists have claimed that the effects are likely psychological when someone enters the pyramid golo expects to feel better.

VIDEO | 44 Meter Tall ‘Golod Pyramid’ in Moscow Has Collapsed Down – Slavorum

As we briefly see in some of the videos now online, a faint but visible whitening would occur along the tops of these alexanrer, which otherwise should have stayed reddish brown. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your gilod by this website. The Pyramid of Life Web site explains how much attention these pyramids have generated—on an international level.


Many paranormal researchers and writers have long speculated about the potential energy properties of pyramid structures. Log In With social network: Poisons and other toxins would miraculously become far less destructive after even a short stay aoexander the Pyramid of Life. This website uses cookies. Moscow thunderstorms If using any of Russia Beyond’s content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.

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By administering only one milliliter of this solution to twenty different premature babies who were almost certainly going to die, every single one of them enjoyed a alxeander recovery. Amazingly, 60 percent of the mice in the pyramid survived smaller doses of the virus, whereas only 7 percent survived in the control group.

Close Add Post Search for: Alexander Golod began building large pyramids within Russia and the Ukraine.

Famous Moscow Pyramid destroyed by storm

Between the end of and the beginning ofthis result was duplicated forty times in the same pyramid, with different rocks each time. All the researches showed a positive influence on ecology and human health while visiting the pyramid, or using products, crystals, solutions and objects prepared there.

He has theorized that pyramid structures have energy forces that bring several benefits, for both man and the environment.

Alexander Golod and Semir Osmanagich. The mice drinking the pyramid water had significantly fewer tumors develop than the mice drinking the ordinary water.

The largest of these structures is 44 meters high and weighs roughly 55 tons. Golod and his family live near one of volod pyramids he has constructed. If using any of Russia Beyond’s content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.


The story begins inwhen Moscow scientist and defense engineer Dr. What happens if you put a diseased organism directly inside the pyramid? Even though the English translation made it difficult to follow, I certainly understood the implications of what they had found—and this was a vast, multidisciplinary effort from many top minds of the former Soviet military- industrial complex. In every single case, the pyramid seeds experienced a 20 to percent increase in crop production.

Alexander Golod

He believes that the ancient Egyptians had knowledge of this power and that it was the motivation, at least in part, for their building the Great Pyramids of Giza. Just moments after they wrapped up their ritual the pyramid was razed to the ground. On May 29, Moscow witnessed its strongest storm since He is married with children and grandsons.

Moscow nature Viral in Russia. The cure could be administered either by an intravenous needle aalexander through simply drinking the liquid. Retrieved from ” https: Even in much larger doses of contamination, which would normally kill almost every single mouse, 30 percent of the pyramid mice still survived—while only 3 percent of those unlucky enough to be in the control group actually made it.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Living people Pyramidology Ukrainian scientists. This was done with more than twenty different seed varieties, planted across tens of thousands of hectares.

Mainstream scientists, especially in the west, do not accept his theories due a substantial lack of published scientific evidence, with Golod relying heavily on observational inference.

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