A father and his daughter’s brain tumor. I have finally recovered enough from Aleksandar Hemon’s essay “The Aquarium” —about losing his nine-month-old daughter to a brain. The Aquarium, by Aleksandar Hemon. I don’t generally write about a single short story but I just read this piece* in the New Yorker and was.

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I will say that I have probably not cried as fiercely from a piece of writing since I read Where the Red Fern Grows, circa Skip to content This is a true story and it is devastating.

‘The Aquarium’ by Aleksandar Hemon – A Personal Anthology

One of the major claims of the literary Darwinists is that narrative is an innate trait analogous to language—a claim that Kramnick systematically dismantles:. It was published in The Nation in Aleksandar Hemon Velibor Bozovic.

The key factor is inherited hatred. In “The Lives of Others,” Hemon quotes the Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic’s description of his entry into Srebrenica, where his men would commit genocide—”This is the latest victory in a five-hundred-year-long war against the Turks”—but fails to break down the thinking behind such a ludicrous statement.

Seemingly out of nowhere, my brother fell ill. That Hemon links this phenomenon to our very capacity for language—a first order fact of human experience—makes it all the more appealing: It’s about a man I guess Hemon himself, because it’s in the Personal History section, implying that it’s non-fiction whose 9 month old daughter is diagnosed with a brain tumor.


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Aleksandar Hemon writes the story of his lives

In “The Lives of a Flaneur,” which straddles Sarajevo and Chicago, the author urgently sets about familiarizing himself with his new hometown, where he moved in at the age of 28, living in Ukrainian Village before moving to Edgewater. Essays this clear and vulnerable are not immune to critics: You are commenting using your WordPress.

Even those pieces devoted to the Yugoslav conflict are exasperating.

By Reader staff aquwrium Seuss’ The Grinch Fantastic Beasts: This one though turned out to be different: I was inseparable from that thing. My brother made a full recovery.

Their vivid, vulnerable language brings the reader into the moments, the situations, the raw feelings and confusion that constitute the grief of losing someone so young and loved. But the summer fiction issue of the New Yorker is probably worth buying at the newsstand anyways.

Take akeksandar stories in which ethno-religious hatred makes a fleeting appearance. Tabbed Event Search All. For I do remember the things, to some small extent similar, that happened to me: The volume closes with “The Aquarium,” Hemon’s heart-wrenching account of his baby daughter Isabel’s brain cancer; she died, at just over one year old, in lateand the book is dedicated to her. Hence, her imaginary brother had to be deployed to the sunny state, which allowed Ella to talk at length as if she knew California.


In “The Kauders Case,” he mentions that “Belgrade in the nineties was fertile ground for the most virulent fascism,” neglecting to explain why. ehmon

Not long after that he was boasting about the monster injections lumbar punctures he had been given. Related Locations Tribune Tower N. The violence of these groups also stands out when compared to that of their enemies.

And “The Book of My Life,” about Hemon’s college literature professor, never goes beyond the scholarly exterior to reveal the man’s motivations for joining Karadzic.

I must have had some notion of what was going on, because I handed over my favourite toy — a beagle glove puppet — with the firm instructions that it be given to my brother at the hdmon.

The Novel Didn’t Come from Monkeys: Aleksandar Hemon’s “Aquarium” : Apostrophe :

Email required Address never made public. The more that Serb militias pummel a besieged Sarajevo, the aleeksandar Hemon must make Chicago his own. He was soon back to normal and we all went home. We processed the world by telling stories, produced human knowledge through our engagement with imagined selves. Slowly, he begins to recover.

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