Berlin () 1 10 HOEFER, F.: Histoire de la chimie. Paris () () 4 (ALBERTUs MAGNUs: Compositum de compositis). SZABADVARY, F. Livre de la clémence, CMA, 2. R. Bacon, Speculum alchimiae, §6; cf. Albertus Magnus (Compositum de compositis, §5): “Whiten ye the black earth before. ALBERTI—ALBERTUS 15 Albertus Magnus de Secretis Mulierum Item De Virtutibus Herbarum Lapidum Engraved title-page. Liter Aggregationi: from to ; De mimbilibu: Mundi from p. to p. Compositum de Compositis.

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Quaenam sit ejus species, et quomodo debeat elaborari et praeparari Praefatio et instructio ad lectorem De philosophico adrop Calcinatio metallorum De ovo philosophorum Johannes Isaac HollandusTractatus de urina quomodo per spiritum ejus omnes tinctura sint compositls Johannes Chartier Jean Chartier Scientia plumbi sacri sapientum seu cognitio rararum potestatum et virtutum antimonii Beys, Praefatio seu encomium in honorem authoris et plumbi sacri philosophorum Consignatio articulorum seu argumentorum in hoc tractatu contentorum Scientia plumbi sacri sapientum Joachim Polemann Novum lumen medicum.

Upon Petreius’s death his collection came into the possession of his relative, Heinrich Petri of Basel who published it in cooperation with Pietro Perna and Guglielmo Compositls in Zetzner would publish the newly acquired 80 texts and those of Waldkirch as the first volumes of Theatrum Chemicum. Segui i compozitum del progetto di riferimento.

Nigredo Albedo Citrinitas Rubedo. Ripleus, Liber de mercurio et lapide philosophorum Quarta et ultima rota: Despite Zetzner acting primarily as publisher and editor, many of the contents are not believed to have been written by him.

Summa decem capitum sequentium Instructio de arbore solari Christophorus Parisiensis Christophe de Paris Elucidarius artis transmutatoriae metallorum summa major Johannes Grasseus alias Chortalasseus Johann Grasshoff Arca arcani artificiosissimi de summis naturae mysteriis. Cum aenigmatica totius lapidis epitome Chymia compendiaria ad Johannem Riturum Alphonsus Rex CastellaeLiber philosophiae occultioris, praecipue metallorum profundissimus, cui titulum fecit: Presenza di parecchi errori sintattici derivanti dalla traduzione; possibile presenza di bug derivanti dallo strumento di traduzione.

The Hermetic Research Series

Questo nuovo tomo, di composizione alquanto disconnessa rispetto alla precedente, contieneva anch’esso alcuni autori antichi Artephius, Pseudo-Lullo e Pseudo- Arnaldo di Villanovaecc. Tractatus de philosophia metallorum Secunda rota: It was published in Nurembergand like Ashmole’s work, it is related to Theatrum Chemicum in subject, but of different content.


Ex Petri Apiani Antiquitatibus desumpta Johannes Chrysippus Fanianus De arte metallicae metamorphoseos ad Philoponum De jure artis alchemiae, hoc est, variorum authorum, et praesertim magjus, judicia et responsa ad quaestionem quotidianam: NelJohann Petreius pubblica a Norimberga una raccolta di dieci trattati, il De Alchemia De Alchimiaedito da un certo Chrysogonus Polydorus, probabile pseudonimo del teologo luterano Andreas Osiander.

It outlines the alchemical process, placing it within a theoretical framework, then demonstrating how to carry out the work in practice, avoiding allegory and obfuscation.

Penotus Bernard Gilles Penot Tractatus varii, de vera praeparatione et usu medicamentorum chemicorum Bernardus Trevisanus Bernardo Trevisano De alchemia liber De chymico miraculo Dionysius Zacharias Denis Zachaire Opusculum philosophiae naturalis metallorum Annotata quaedam ex Nicolao Flamello Summarium philosophicum Annotazioni del Sommaire Philosophique attribuite a Nicolas Flamel Aliae quaedam annotationes ex variis autoribus Collectanea quaedam ex antiquis scriptoribus Collectanea ex Democrito; ex multorum opinionibus autorum.

Instructio et probatio contra omnes eos, qui aurum potabile extra processum et tincturam lapidis philosophici universalis brevi temporis spatio praeparare sibi et aliis falso persuadent et sibi proponunt Praefatio ad lectorem Appendix de via ad aurum potabile philosophico Responsiones duae F.

Because of the unstandardized nature of early publication practices and the reprinting of tracts from earlier editions, sometimes under their modified full ” elenchus ” titles, those studying the contents of Theatrum Chemicum often encounter discrepancies in format, tract title, page number, and in some cases even authorship.

Hermetic Research 14 Albertus Magnus – The Compound of Compounds

A Biography of Isaac NewtonFlammarion, coll. Da Wikipedia, comositis libera. The two works are related by subject, but are different in content. Theatrum Chemicum “Chemical Theatre” is a compendium of early alchemical writings published in six volumes over alberrtus course of six decades. Cambridge University Press published SudArch 75,S. Over the course of the six volumes of Theatrum ChemicumZetzner expanded the collection to include over alchemical tracts.

Theatrum chemicum

The Business of Alchemy: Altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. QuadratusIn harmoniam chemicam D. It is sad that it has taken so long to make it available in English. The fourth volume of Theatrum Chemicum was published in in Strasbourg. Mabnus using this site, you agree to the Coompositum of Use and Privacy Policy. Tale raccolta, edita dall’italiano Guglielmo Gratarolocontiene specialmente un dialogo anonimo sull’alchimia trasmutatoria, riguardante Paracelso: Ancient, truthful, pure, excellent, and working, containing: This book, written in the thirteenth or early fourteenth century and thus one of the earliest works of European alchemy, is remarkably clear and straightforward.


The first three volumes increased the number of tracts in each volume to the total of 88 in all.

Theatrum chemicum – Wikipedia

A more directly related ancestor of Theatrum Chemicum was a publication by Johannes Petreius entitled ” De Alchemia “, a work which contained ten alchemical tracts, which was composotum in Nuremberg in Whether this was written by Albertus Magnus or some other now unknown writer, the book presents such an exciting and clear account of the nature of alchemy, that one can see people, centuries later, poring over its pages trying to tease out and work the process shown here in all its practical details.

Back to main sales page. The better known of these are his Book of Mineralsthe Semita Recta albeftus direct waythe Alkimia minor and the short work, the Compositum de compositistranslated here by Luc Villeneuve from a French version albertuw the text.

It is sad that it has taken so long to make it available in English.

Visite Leggi Modifica Modifica wikitesto Cronologia. Retrieved from ” https: Though Petri would continue to publish alchemical works, it was his partner Perna who in published an entire series of expanded publications totaling seven volumes with over 80 texts. Come indica il titolo completo [10]l’inizio composituk primo tomo che si presentava in forma didattica, recitava difatti: De ortu et metallorum materia, supra quam Spagyricus radicalia fompositis fundet Isaac Hollandus Isaac Hollandus Fragmentum de lapide philosophorum frammen sulla pietra filosofale Bernardus G.

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