While the Gods Play. Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind. By (author) Alain Daniélou. While the Gods Play. While the Gods Play has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. While the Gods Play: Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Alain Daniélou. Read “While the Gods Play Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of Mankind” by Alain Daniélou with Rakuten Kobo.

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The solemnization of a marriage which is nothing more than a legalization of sex is the prostitution of a holy daielou. Steven Chang marked it as to-read Nov 12, The commentary on the Avashyaka Sutra by Jina Dasa, which gives a rather complete picture of the life of Mahavira, contains the story of his travels in the company of Gosala.

While the book raises interesting questions, it is very biased by the author’s personal views. Each year, we would take our trailer and go off on one or two expeditions, accompanied by our hte servants, Gulab and Ramprasad, and sometimes even an assistant.

Mustafa Al-Laylah marked it as to-read Jul 09, He eventually xanielou them, however, and soon became their rival. I fancy his theory [because I love South India and the people of the South ], but I’m not sure what to believe in these days.

Refresh and try again.

Alain Danielou: While the Gods Play

In the days when Raymond and I would camp out for long periods in order to photograph temple sculptures, the dead city of Khajuraho was normally quite deserted. In the same epoch, the sect of Cynics, of te Diogenes is a typical example, flourished in Greece and is clearly related to the Kalamuka s of India. Much of the information is unsupported by literature.

Gateway to the Heavens. The middle of the Kali Yuga is everywhere marked by great upheavals. Nevertheless, he was a man learned in the philosophic tradition of the ancient cultureparticularly in the materialist theories of the Vaisheshika and the cosmology of the Samkhya, infinitely more evolved than the nebulous concepts of the followers of the Veda. Only a few “scientists” working in very limited fields seem able to escape dogmatismbut the moment they move away from these specialized areas they become as incoherent as everyone else.

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According to the early writings of the Shaiva tradition–still alive in India and dating back at least 6, years–the arbitrary ideologies and moralistic religions of modern society signal the last days of humanity heading toward destruction. Before Swami Karpatri created the Jana Sangh political movement for the defense of traditional values, he ordered the preparation of one of those astonishing rituals called yajnason which kings have sometimes spent their entire fortunes.

While the Gods Play

Mahavira traveled with Gosala for six years, and Gautama joined them for three or four years. Belief is always a very poor counselor. The bloodbaths resulting from these sacrifices seem to produce a state of collective intoxication that reminds one of Dionysian rites, or Euripides’ Bacchae. Jun 22, Johnny Cordova rated it it was amazing Ahile Gosala finally argued with his two disciples over points of doctrine, and they separated.

He became the disciple of the wandering monk Gosalawith whioe he traveled, begging for his food, for over six years. Their judgment has been so totally conditioned that they cannot think seriously or adopt rational attitudes regarding the world and its problems.

Whether one is dealing with literature or the arts, philosophy, politics, or science, it is impossible for an idea or a principle to achieve recognition or success unless it conforms to certain fashionable and ready-made standards that are geared towards commercial interests or ambitions of power in the name of which all other values are sacrificed.

Beginning in the Dvapara Yuga, in teh limited spheres of what is called pay intelligentsia of the cities, materialistic tendencies developed which were in conflict with Dionysian Shaivism, the religion of nature, hostile to the religion of towns, focused on man. Alexander Schurovskiy rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Although he opposes the Aryan destruction of India’s earlier cultures, Danielou endorses the caste system, which I find somewhat inconsistent.

Revolutions, murderous wars, and genocides are created whi,e by artisans or peasants, who from infancy are always in touch with the problems of everyday reality, but by the idle classes who have no idea what it means to be hungry. The magician threw a rope in the air, where it remained suspended, though nothing held it from above, and sent a acolyte shinnying up it; the child disappeared into the sky.


It was fashionable in those days to admire the more realistic earlier eras, Graeco-Buddhist sculpture or sixth-century art from the Gupta period, which is not unlike the baroque. I became integrated into the Hindu world without any trouble, without making any sacrifices. Neither the Congress nor the British press ever mentioned this extraordinary event which had attracted danislou ten thousand Brahmans and nearly a million pilgrims to the sacred city.

We were rather skeptical. In a world based on systems of belief, free spirits tend to lead marginal lives.

This corresponds to the greatest period in Indian civilization, which was to last danielku more than a millennium. I’d buy the book but I can’t find it on iBooks. At an age when Western couples are only beginning to consider the essential duties of marriage, the Indian wife already has several children and lives with other women in the gynaeceum. We would stop near rivers and waterfalls, take baths, and wash our clothes.

Inherent in this body of knowledge is an understanding of the cycles of creation and destruction which, in conjunction with dankelou phases, determine the life span of the species. At some point he came under the influence of a Guru from the Dashanami Sampradaya within the Advaita Vedanta tradition.

Gautama was at first attracted by the antisocial mysticism of Shaivism. I have always been afraid of yogi magicians; as soon as I began to feel the effect of their hypnotic power, I would move away. Many Sanskrit professors cannot even read the alphabet and need to use transliterations.

He was very early preoccupied by the activities of extremist sects such as the Kapalika Skull-Bearers and the Kalamukha Black Faceswhose magical practices and antisocial attitudes shocked the urban society of their time. He belonged to the Kalamukha Black Face sect. But now that his name has been raised in this discussion, I took a quick look at his background.

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