The eldest son of a primary-school headmaster and a devout Christian mother, Wole Soyinka lived a comfortable life in the Aké parsonage in Abeokuta. Ake: The Years of Childhood is author Wole Soyinka’s autobiographical account about events in his childhood between about and in the town of Ake. Wole Soyinka was a bright, curious child and his account of his early childhood in the town of Abeokuta in Western Nigeria is enchanting.

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HIs memories of his mom and dad are especially vivid. If some of us cringed under the weight of any rebukes from adults, the young Wole weathered through with a pristine innocence that was yet stubborn. Turns out, Soyinka only won the Nobel Prize in Literature in It is what makes Ake, in addition to its other great virtues, the best available introduction to the work of one of the liveliest, most exciting writers in the world today. Just a moment while we sign you in to xke Goodreads account.

Feb 19, Bob Newman rated it it was amazing. And the young Wole was nothing less than a typical child, but was even of a precocious kind, living under the shades of a religiously conservative mother Wild Christian and a disciplined, scholarly and garden obsessed father, SA, a name the boy coalesced as ESSAY. But adults are woole. His story eole focuses around his household and school, but becomes more emotionally wold as the story of his childhood progresses.

May 27, Adrienne Wyker rated it really liked it. Sep 20, Marcy rated it really liked it. As Wole thinks about his new school he adds, “It was time to commence the mental shifts for admittance to yet another irrational world of aoe and their discipline. Moreover, the contrast in the beliefs of his parents I think paints a better picture of some of the factors which shaped the mind of the young Soyinka.

A film adaptation of Akedirected by Dapo Adeniyi and written by Wole Soyinka, was previewed in Of course, that previous reference doesn’t persuade as well as I used to think, so there must be more.

The two groups of women united, gathered force, and eventually marched on the local ruler who was operating as a tool for British colonists. The Years of Childhood. And then, just as if you were suddenly thrust into a bustling market that you have wloe find your way out of, you begin to notice a certain order beneath the chaos. Young Wole must also suffer a scare from soyinla father who nearly dies, and who Wole promises to get an education and go to college, the boy’s ultimate goal.


Chapters 4 and 5. A good read to relatively understand the lives of Africans who grew up on the 40s and 60s as well as why Africa stands where it is now. He returned, perched upon the handlebars of a policeman’s bicycle, “markedly different from whatever I was before the march. He displays the kind of wonderment and delight that we can only hope to have in fully grown adults.

Delightful little vignettes of Soyinka’s childhood, ages 3 to 12 or so, growing up the headmaster’s son in rural Nigeria around WWII.

Ake by Wole Soyinka | : Books

Moreover, the contrast in the beliefs of his parents I think paints a better picture of some of the factors which shaped the mind of th Wole Soyinka’s Ake: Amongst all these disparate scenes of a child’s life intersecting with events both tickling and somber, a particular favorite of mine is the eclectic rhetoric birthed by the principal at Wole’s Grammar School demanding that every student accused of a misdemeanor defend themselves in a schoolyard trial.

Overall, I liked the stories: Boys will be boys where ever they live. For all the times the novel makes me crack up laughing, or even be nostalgic for a time I’ve never lived in in a country I never visited and a culture I was never part of, there’s always the sly adult Soyinka somewhere behind it, using soyinoa young self as an only mostly reliable narrator to describe how we come aoe understand – and challenge – the world.

See all 30 reviews. A lot of writers use the idea of being in an exotic location to disguise the fact that there’s really not much of a story to tell. The Years of Childhood. Memoirs books Works by Wole Soyinka. The Years of Childhood from BookRags. You Must Set Forth at Dawn: His relentless inquiry at such a young age causes concern for both of his parents.

This mentality counters and swerves around every aspect of life, portraying in astonishing ways every matter encountered by a child, communal bedrooms and hungry house-guests considered just as thoughtfully as culture clash and the passage of time. Through recollection, restoration and re-creation, he conveys a personal vision soginka was formed by the childhood world that he now returns to evoke and exalt in his autobiography. Let me count the ways.


Pages to import images to Wikidata. He also spears Nigeria’s increasing Westernization, its movement toward modernity and materialism, as he describes his beloved village markets deteriorating from a “procession of magicians” to rows of “fantasy stores lit by neon and batteries of coloured bulbs” where the “blare of motor-horns compete with a high-decibel outpouring of rock and funk and punk and other thunk-thunk from lands of instant-culture heroes.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. His stinging indictment of colonialism takes on added power owing to the elegance of his attack. Recollections become stronger, more deeply felt, more keenly described. Out of the entirety of ISoLT, Swann’s Way is the volumetric portion that stays with me, both out of the initial contact of superb wonder and my penchant for childhood narratives that don’t talk down to its younger self.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Jan 05, Raisa rated it really liked it Shelves: Some words are lost entirely, as in this sentence almost looked the top of lt6ko straight in its pagan eye. But there is a life, and perhaps that is our clue.

I looked at ssoyinka in some astonishment. Not less daring was his involvement with the women in their fight against unjust taxes and the despotic feudal lord, the Alake of Abeokuta. Despite his toddler-aged stumbles he gets knocked out playing see-saw, and nearly loses an eye to a grass-cutting scytheWole develops into a keenly curious and intelligent boy.

Aké: The Years of Childhood Summary & Study Guide

The scene where a young Soyinka follows along qole a marching band and gets lost is delightful. Helpful asterisks appear to explain the unfamiliar words, you start to keep track of names and voila, you’re halfway through the story, before you know it.

Wole’s mother, called Wild Christian by most, is a strict disciplinarian, never failing to provide lashings for the slightest offenses. View a FREE sample.

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