View and Download Panasonic AJ-HPM brochure & specs online. Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player. AJ-HPM Recording Equipment pdf manual. Panasonic AJ-HPM • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Aj-hpm • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic AJ-HPM User Manual.

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This lets you transfer files to the server of a broadcasting station. This makes I-Frame Only compression more suitable for nonlinear editing than Long GOP, for which parallel processing is difficult due to its inter-frame dependence. Attaching Text Memos Now the P2 Mobile has evolved further, adding a host manua new functions highlighted by network compatibility. Settings must be made on the menu screen system frequency mode.

With the editing panel closed, the AJ-HPM is the size of a large briefcase and comes equipped with a metal handle for easy carrying. By copying P2HD clips into lowrate AVCHD files, it is possible to perform transfer clips to a server at high speed or perform offline editing at high speed. In AVC-Intra mode. Intra-frame predictive image Right: Or, you can mount five P2 cards, and output the playlist editing result to a sixth P2 card.

Panasonic AJ-HPM User Manual | 10 pages

Difference image obtained from subtracting the intra-frame predictive image from the original image. Warning Information Display However, this trait is not often seen in broadcasts like fast-action sports, and music shows with confetti and electronic displays.

In context-adaptive coding, on the other hand, operation varies with different kinds of images and high compression efficiency is maintained at all times.

  DIN 439B PDF

Viewing Event Information Shuttle Mode shtl Mode The upgraded AJ-HPM also features an enhanced playlist function with easy, intuitive operation, and a newly evolved editor graphical user interface GUI that also improves ease of use. P2 records a scene as a clip file. Play back is based on a best-effort basis.

Loop Rec Function Changing Thumbnail Display Preparing A Metadata Upload File Audio Split Editing Voice-over From Still Image Status Preparing For Voice-over This process is conducted within the frame, so prediction accuracy remains high even with fast-motion images. For editing, PCs must be installed with P2-compatible editing software available from various companies.

Panasonic AJ-HPM110 User Manual

Output is produced only when the playback system frequency is set to The P2 cards can be replaced while recording.

Playing Back The Play List Editing Play Lists Displaying player side and recorder side playback screens with the player side selected. This allows smooth, intuitive operation for users familiar with nonlinear editors and users accustomed to conventional DVCPRO laptop editors. Handling P2 Card Recording It lets you set IN and OUT points on the player-side preview screen by controlling an external VTR connected via an RSA interface, and register or capture digitization and clip creation video footage directly onto the editing timeline.

Important Safety Instructions manjal It is also possible to enter authentication information ID and password for network access. Playback is seamless, with no need for rewinding or cueing.

Returning To Factory Defaults initial Settings Playing Back Single Clips It can be used to preview P2HD recordings, field edit using the playlist function, and make mamual on another memory card or external hard disk.

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Overwrite Editing Of Play Lists Source materials on a hard disk can also be used in playlist editing, just like source materials on a P2 card. Displaying Hard Disk Information explorer Screen Providing powerful support for P2HD recording, field editing, HD news flash broadcasting through file transfers, data backup and more, the AJ-HPM is manial high-speed, high-image-quality solution to a wide range of broadcasting and video production needs.

Some web pages may not be displayed properly due to content. The multiple card slots let you copy clips from one P2 card to another. When recording or previewing a clip, you can attach a memo similar to a ajh-pm110 at a desired location up to locations on a frame basis.

Panasonic AJ-HPM : Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player Brochure

Indicating Event Property Displaying Voice-over Events Example of a thumbnail list. When the images of adjacent frames are similar, Long GOP compression achieves an advantageously low bit rate. Audio And Video Controller This convenient function plays back one video clip with a one-touch operation. Displaying Card Status Information For presentations and demonstrations, use the AJ-HPM for repeated playback of a selected clip or multiple but same format clips.

With its I-Frame Only compression, AVC-Intra produces remarkably stable images that are unaffected by adjacent frames, and meets professional needs in virtually all situations and workflows.

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