AIA Document B™– is a standard form of agreement between owner Free B sample preview · Guide, instructions, and commentary to the. AIA Document B™ – (formerly B™ – ). . and Samples for the purposes of checking that the construction affected by and. following, all of which are included in AIA Document B™–, Owner/ Architect .. Download A–(sample). AIA Download A– ( sample).

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D discusses the risks, roles and responsibilities faced by owners, architects and contractors on sustainable design and construction projects. Two phases of Basic Services design— schematic samplf permit set documents only, and limited construction phase and Additional Services.

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Members devote time between meetings to complete individual assignments and to attend virtual task group meetings held by Web conference. Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects, Image: Docucation Docucation, the AIA Contract Documents Education and Training Portal, provides an easy, convenient and affordable way to obtain quality education and resources. C is a standard form agreement between an owner and program manager for use on a single project.

The AIA’s prominence in the field is based on years of experience creating and updating its documents. Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement sold by the pack. Unlike in the construction manager as adviser family of documents, where the construction manager has some shared responsibilities with the architect, in C the program manager does not have shared responsibilities with aaia project participants or authority to act directly on behalf of the owner with respect to the responsibilities of the architect or contractor.

G – Construction Change Directive. B was developed with the assistance of several federal agencies and contains terms and conditions that are unique to federally funded or federally insured projects. The AIA will continue to periodically revise and update this guide to reflect changes in the AIA Contract Documents program and to include new information and resources.


Accordingly the criteria discussed in this paragraph are guidelines only. The samplee should consult local authorities or an attorney to verify requirements applicable to this agreement.

B provides the agreement between the owner and sampe architect of record, an entity who is separate and independent from the program manager and design manager, and who acts as a project specific architect.

Guide to AIA Contract Documents for Small Projects

Before the Committee approves new or revised documents for publication, drafts are circulated to Committee members, liaison groups and stakeholders for comment. The standard AIA agreement forms have been developed through more than years of experience and have been tested repeatedly in the courts.

Shop Drawing and Sample Record sold by the pack. Inthe AIA published its first standardized general conditions for construction. B is streamlined and simplified for use by, for example, aaia homeowner client. Register of Bid Documents sold by the pack. The requirements for single family and two family projects may be different. If the document is a revised edition, instruction sheets describe changes from the previous edition.

Contains fill points to list types and limits of Architect’s insurance coverage. These documents are fully editable and may be shared online or downloaded and edited in Microsoft Word. An initial member forum was held on July 28, and a followup forum on April 16, Standard Form of Architects Services: The Documents Committee generally begins the process of updating or creating new documents two to three years before projected dates of publication.

It uses article numbers only no paragraph numbering.

The AIA b1105 40 core documents in The AIA Doc Info telephone line provides answers to questions about document content and assistance with document selection. Document Comparison Chart that provides a quick reference of major characteristics of many documents discussed in this guide.

Security Evaluation and Planning. These documents—in smple Conventional A and Small Projects families—are slated to be updated again in To go to specific sections of interest in this guide, click Bookmark links or topics in the Table of Contents.


Certificate of Substantial Completion, Manager- Adviser sold by the pack.

However, as projects become larger and more complicated, there is the potential for additional types of risk and for greater expense; and agreements must be sufficiently detailed to adequately address those issues.

Stated more simply, a contract is formed when all parties agree to terms, something of value is received by each party e.

Design, Construction Documents, and Construction. Small Project Practitioners Knowledge Community. On January 30,City Council adopted changes to the International Residential Code relating to accessibility and visitability requirements from new single-family dwellings single-family, duplex, and townhomes.

B is a master agreement between the owner and architect. Fire-flow for residential construction varies based upon size and construction type see Table B Each document contains fill points for customization for a particular project.

AIA Documents & Forms

A significant body of case law concerning contracts for design and construction is based largely on the language of AIA standard forms. Consent of Surety to Reduction in or Sampel Release sold by the pack. It provides model language with explanatory notes to assist users in adapting Saample Document A— to specific circumstances. CRAN develops knowledge and information to benefit architects who are engaged in, or who are interested in learning more about, custom residential practice.

Open Monday—Friday, from 8: The process is based on the cooperative input of the Documents Committee members, advisors and legal counsel, and a wide variety of industry liaisons and subject matter experts.

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