Energy and Internal Volume of Refrigerating Appliances AHAM HRF pi AHAM HRF PREFACE The Association of Home. BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. Energy and Internal Volume of Refrigerating Appliances – AHAM HRF This standard establishes a uniform, repeatable procedure and standard methods.

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Only devices or components directly associated with the harvesting Section 3. The energy consumption in kilowatt-hours per day shall be calculated equivalent to: Except when specified for particular tests, ahamm ambient relative humidity need not be controlled. Space occupied by shelves molded into the inner door panel.

An external door that is hinged on the left-hand side when viewed facing the cabinet. The recorded temperatures of the freezer compartment shall be the average of the temperatures recorded at the locations shown in Figure Basic refrigerator 39F 3. If the model has the quick freeze option, it shall be used to bypass the temperature control. The process of freeing or removing ice pieces from an icemaker.

This heater may be switchable from fully-on to fully-off or to some condition of operation in-between. Please first verify your grf before subscribing to alerts. Ambient air temperature shall be recorded during the test period.

Knob detents shall be mechanically defeated if necessary to attain a median setting. See the next figures for Dispenser Unit clarification. The volume of control housings.

Subscription pricing is determined by: For a freezer, the freezer compartment volume. Urf standard contains test procedures that may be applied to any brand or model of electric refrigerator, refrigerator-freezer or freezer for measuring performance.

AHAM HRF-1: Household Refrigerators, Combination Refrigerator-Freezers, and Household Freezers

Types of defrost systems that apply to refrigerators and freezers are defined in Sections 3. Weight shall be determined by use of scales accurate to within 0.


Energy used during adaptive defrost shall continue to be tested and adjusted per the calculation provided for in this standard. Take measurements at regular intervals not to exceed 4 minutes. Ahsm the interior arrangements of the freezer compartment shelves do not conform with those shown in Figureqham shall be taken at locations selected to represent the intent of the standard.

The energy used by the unit shall be calculated when a calculation is provided by the standard. If the interior arrangements of the cabinet do not conform with those shown in Figuremeasurements shall be taken at selected locations chosen to approximately represent the entire fresh food compartment Section 3. If the document is revised or amended, you will be notified by email.

Outer door gaskets shall be checked for adequacy of seal to the cabinet and adjusted, if required. The system automatically prevents the permanent formation of frost on all refrigerated surfaces.

Ice storage bins of automatic icemakers are to remain in place. The standard methods and the recommended levels of performance, where they appear, are intended to provide a means by which different brands and models of refrigerators, wine chillers and freezers can be compared and evaluated. This adjustment shall be determined as specified below. It is not intended to provide a means of measuring the food-storage capacity.

The average per-cycle energy consumption for a cycle type Section 3. Defrost water from the fresh food compartment is disposed of automatically or collected in a container for subsequent manual removal.

The recorded temperature of the wine storage compartment shall be the average of the temperatures recorded at the three locations shown in Figure Except for operating characteristics that are affected by ambient temperature for example, compressor percent run timethe unit, when tested under this standard, shall grf equivalent to the unit in typical room conditions.

These figures graphically support procedures for determination of volume described in Sections 4. No part of the dispenser unit hrd be included as volume. All temperature measuring sensors shall be centered in the mass which shall be suspended in air or supported by low-thermally conductive material in such a manner that there will be at least 1 inch 2.


Analog Watt-hour meters shall be graduated in intervals no greater than 0. Temperatures shall be recorded at three or five locations as shown by Figure They shall relate to actual use conditions and be technically and scientifically sound.

The cooling of the icemaker area s shall remain unchanged. If no “off” cycle occurs during the ahamm period, the test period shall be at least 3 hours. If the compartment temperature s measured with all controls set at their warmest setting are below the standardized temperature sthen use the result of this test alone to determine energy consumption for a given setting of the anti-sweat heater switch.

You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

Temperature measuring devices shall be ahm or shielded so that indicated temperatures are not affected by the operation of the condensing unit or adjacent units. This standard is not included in any packages. As the voice of the U. Prior to the initiation of the door-opening sequence, the refrigerator defrost control mechanism may be re- initiated in order to minimize the test duration.

AHAM HRF new_百度文库

Qham shall be recorded at three locations as shown in Figure T1, T2 and T3 indicate thermocouple locations. Energy saving features that are designed to operate when there are no door openings for long periods of time shall not be functional during the energy test.

Add to Alert Rhf. For long-time automatic defrost models, compartment temperatures shall be those measured in the first part of the test period specified in Section 5.

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